Sunday, 17 May 2009

Brilliant birthday weekend

This weekend was spent celebrating Little Pickle's first birthday.  I have been thinking about how our family has changed since his arrival and how much I love being part of a foursome, since the fourth corner of the square came along.  I really feel sorry for people who have "only" one child.  I know that this is totally ridiculous as any one who has a child is incredibly lucky to have even one (I want to say blessed but being non-religious I am struggling for a better word than 'lucky') but that said having two is so rewarding, especially when I spy on the two of them interacting with each  other.  It makes my heart melt on a daily basis and I would never change a thing about it.

It was Little Pickle's birthday on Friday and Mr Gherkin had the day off.  We all went to the new swimming pool down the bay.  The boys loved it (as did Mr G and I) and Cornichon was in his element.  I initially thought that he would be clingy and scared but he quickly warmed up and was off splashing on his won quite quickly.  I really wish I could take them swimming more often.  I think that Mr Gherkin and I will make more of an effort to take them in future as it was so great holding them so they could 'chase' each other in the water.  We went to Pizza Hut after the pool and had balloons and a pizza buffet.  Everyone loved this too especially the ice-cream help-yourself bar for afters!  We then went on to an amusement arcade and fiddled about on the racing machines and Cornichon and Little Pickle loved this - riding real motorbikes!  It did not get any better than that!  Cornichon took a shine to air hockey too.  We saved the birthday cake until we got home and had it for tea and Little Pickle loved it when we sang HBTY to him.  I really thought he knew that the day was all for him and that he felt special for it too.

Yesterday was spent with Mum, Dad and Sister Gherkin and Mr Gherkin's Mum and Dad.  They all came here bearing gifts and I provided another birthday cake and some cookies and biscuits.  We ate junk and drank tea and played with yet more presents and again Little Pickle was in his element.  Sister Gherkin stayed over last night and we went to the pub.  Surprisingly we have never really been to the pub just the two of us before!  It has always been with Mr Gherkin or Mum and Dad.  We resolved to rectify this when she moves here in July.  It was so good to get out of the house without the boys and Jon!  I need to get out more and just be me.  I need to get sleep too and just be awake too.

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