Friday, 28 May 2010

WW band wagon once again ...

Yet again I find myself jumping back on the WeightWatchers bandwagon. Honestly, I have been on and off that particular mode of transport more times than I care to think about right now.

This time I mean business. I pay £17-odd a month for something that I am not using. I have paid for it for another 4 weeks and I am NOT doing that again. I have 1 stone to lose then I stop my DD and the sooner the better to be honest. I am fed up with my stomach, my shape, with not fitting into my clothes and not being able to buy any new ones "because I am going to be 10 stone soon so I'll wait 'til then".

I was 11 stone and 1/2 a pound yesterday. Next week I will be 10 stone something.

I bought a pedometer yesterday and wore it religiously today and did well-over the healthy amount of steps. I cooked some low cal food today and stored it in the freezer for emergencies. I did a low point tea for everyone tonight and most importantly I TRACKED everything.

More tomorrow please.

Plus a run.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I was NOT ready for that!

Little Pickle is not sleeping again so I was firm with putting him down tonight and would NOT give in to his tantrum. He got so upset that he puked all over the bed and I felt like the worst parent in the world.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Days (cough cough)

Things are good here right now. I went back to work today which was insane but not bad. I came home to two lovely smilers who are both leaning to sleep. We had a full night of sleep last night as LP is going to sleep on his own and I had the pleasure of being kept awake by my own little irritating cough - not an irritation from anyone else in the house! Strange but pleasantly true after 4 years of constant bad nights!

A night with the in-laws, on the wii with wiine in hand and currii on the table.

I'm happy, mii (as they say round 'year)

Friday, 14 May 2010


Well Turkey was a blast. Not so much a week of R&R as I don't feel like I had a rest from the usual 'work' of family but it was a break from the old routine (which though great and essential for daily life; it can get a bit boring). The in-laws came with us but it is not so easy to palm off two kids onto two 70 year olds (bless 'em!) as it used to be! We all had a great time and except for a short over-night stay in hospital (Cornichon) we had a great time and would go back tomorrow if we could!

Anyway we are back and in the groove again. I went to WW last night and amazingly DID NOT PUT ON ANY WEIGHT AFTER A WEEK OF 5* ALL INCLUSIVE 7 MEALS A DAY AND PERMANENT BEER. I have to say I did feast on some amazing salads out there but still was no saint and always had a beer on the go. It's amazing what a break to the routine can do for you! I have not been running since we came back (my trainers were a bit of a waste of space in the suitcase too) and neeeeeed to get back into it. Maybe tomorrow night (Mr G is out tonight).

It is Little Pickle's birthday tomorrow! 2 years old! I never think "Where has the time gone?" as I see him every day and make a point of enjoying every day with him and I have a beautiful enormous library of photos of his changes. I am so proud of my little monkey (whose terrible twos came in with a vengeance today) and whose speech is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is very questioning at the moment. "What dat man say? Why he say dat? Why my no go on floor? Why Mummy say me dat?" but I love his inquisitive mind and his ability to tell stories of things he has seen. Every day we talk about the best and wort things of the day and every day he says "Me play wi Bampa and him kick me a ball high high in the sky" even on the days when we don't see Bampa, he is remembering a brilliant brilliant day with Bampa. Sweet sweet boy.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

in two minds

We are going on holiday tomorrow and I am in 2 minds about going. Cornichon came out in a rash today and came home early for school yesterday with a high temp and puking. He is better today apart from this rash but is still not right so I took him to the out of hours doctor in the hospital and she said it is a virus and she could not say whether or not to go on holiday but it is not chicken pox. He was quiet today and happy playing on his own but had to be in the same room as me. The in-laws took Little Pickle to their house to give us some time to sort things out which has really helped. It is most strange just having one child again though! I miss LP's presence and noise and trail of destruction and interaction with his big brother. Home soon.

I am also in two minds about going as we are leaving our house in the (capable) hands of our builder who is going to finish off our fascias and guttering and install some PVC widows and remove our fire and put up new curtain poles in our lounge whilst we are away. I trust our builder as he is great but still I worry. I hope it does not spoil the week worrying.

I have packed tonight and I think I have remembered everything. I took the trouble to write a list when I was on holiday last time of the things that I should have brought with me such as spare PJs (for everyone for sick sessions), tea towel, coffee, washing-up liquid, flanne(mopping sicky brows)l, sketchbook and pencils, spare book (DO NOT rely on hotel libraries), bag of fabric and crafty things to play with. Is there anything I have forgotten?

I am sure I will fill another case tomorrow with other essential shit.