Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bloody Ebay!

I am going from one extreme to the next! I am weaning myself off blogger and facebook only to discover ebay! D'oh! Since I started typing this post I have discovered, bid upon and won some Ben 10 laser guns for the boys! Whoop whoop! I am not sure if I will be so pleased with myself come Christmas afternoon and they re driving me nuts! I lucked upon 2 lots of gogos for a few quid and won them this afternoon. It gets so exciting when the auction is coming down to the last few minutes! I have been outbid on a few lots of gogos as they seem to be really popular but I managed to keep hold of too before some 10 year old sneaked in ahead of me with 20p to spare!

Anyway I am off now to pat myself on the back and tuck into a mountain of ironing. I may well be back on ebay before the night is through!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I love blogger, but ...

I love love love Blogger. Even though I have not been posting for the past few months I have still been using it to follow all my fave blogs on RSS as this is a great way of reading the "headlines". I have, however decided to stop doing this as I find that there is soooo much lovely interesting stuff going on out there, that there is no time left to do important stuff like blogging myself and doing useful things like, erm Christmas shopping! I often read blogs for half an hour, an hour day whilst waiting for the boys to go to sleep or just noodling about on t'laptop until stupid o'clock at night. This is all very well and lovvely, but not ultimately useful or creative for me. Now this time will be used more creatively for doing inspiring crafty things and making some space and money for little old Gherkin.

The blogs I follow are largely crafty ones, written and photographed by some very clever and talented and INSPIRING people who make me OOOh and aaaah daily on sight of their pretty wares. They are just so amazing and make me go "I could make that!" and all to quickly I find myself with a bunch of new fabric and bits of shiny things to do to it and then no time to actually make a dent in said fabric and shiny things! I have vowed for 2011 to clear a space in my crafty boxes (and there are MANY) and make stuff with the stuff I have and then blog about it myself and maybe inspire someone else to drag a box out from under the bad and do something with the contents!

Here is a list of the things I plan to make over the next decade or so.

Voile fabric flower brooches (5 fabrics bought this week)
Vintage button rings (ring blanks awaiting toppers!)
Dust ruffle and bunting and bolster cover for Cornichon (fabric in bag awaiting wash)
Bunting for Little Pickle (ditto)
Earrings for Folksy shop (beads hanging around since summer)
Envelopes to sell (too many books in wardrobe waiting to be snipped)
Slides for birthday presents (make-your-own-button kit relatively unused)
Quilt for Mr Gherkin (need to get rind of some fabric!)
Quilt for me (fabric saved from January awaiting wash)
Quit sandwiched for Mum and Dad (WIP right now- will be done for Christmas!)
Lavender bags to sell (huge bag of lavender is residing in my wardrobe - yum but ugly)
Baby quilt for N's little girl (so much fabric to use up!)
Baby boy quilt (ditto)
Cut up old clothes for the ultimate recycling quilt (memories of old sicky babygros)
Denim quilt (nobody needs a whole box of old jeans that don't fit any more, do they?)

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Quilts take ma ages. Hopefully, I will have much more time on my hands now I cut out my inspirational reading time and turn it into inspired crafting time!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Goodness I am back. After a hiatus of no inspiration and busy-ness I am still here and have been putting off my first blog post for many a week. Here it is. Nothing special but it is here and I AM BACK.

Good to *see* you!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I logged on here an hour or so ago and could not think of anything to write to I decided not to write anything. I thought about how annoyed I get when Mr G won't commit to arrangements and how this has rubbed off on me and the boys and decided to tackle this head on. I emailed some old (good!) school friends on Facebook with whom I have been meaning to arrange a meeting and told them to get their diaries out and fix a date between us. I also registered for a 5K Race For Life on July 18th!

How is THAT for dynamic commitment and dates in the diary?

Friday, 28 May 2010

WW band wagon once again ...

Yet again I find myself jumping back on the WeightWatchers bandwagon. Honestly, I have been on and off that particular mode of transport more times than I care to think about right now.

This time I mean business. I pay £17-odd a month for something that I am not using. I have paid for it for another 4 weeks and I am NOT doing that again. I have 1 stone to lose then I stop my DD and the sooner the better to be honest. I am fed up with my stomach, my shape, with not fitting into my clothes and not being able to buy any new ones "because I am going to be 10 stone soon so I'll wait 'til then".

I was 11 stone and 1/2 a pound yesterday. Next week I will be 10 stone something.

I bought a pedometer yesterday and wore it religiously today and did well-over the healthy amount of steps. I cooked some low cal food today and stored it in the freezer for emergencies. I did a low point tea for everyone tonight and most importantly I TRACKED everything.

More tomorrow please.

Plus a run.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I was NOT ready for that!

Little Pickle is not sleeping again so I was firm with putting him down tonight and would NOT give in to his tantrum. He got so upset that he puked all over the bed and I felt like the worst parent in the world.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Days (cough cough)

Things are good here right now. I went back to work today which was insane but not bad. I came home to two lovely smilers who are both leaning to sleep. We had a full night of sleep last night as LP is going to sleep on his own and I had the pleasure of being kept awake by my own little irritating cough - not an irritation from anyone else in the house! Strange but pleasantly true after 4 years of constant bad nights!

A night with the in-laws, on the wii with wiine in hand and currii on the table.

I'm happy, mii (as they say round 'year)

Friday, 14 May 2010


Well Turkey was a blast. Not so much a week of R&R as I don't feel like I had a rest from the usual 'work' of family but it was a break from the old routine (which though great and essential for daily life; it can get a bit boring). The in-laws came with us but it is not so easy to palm off two kids onto two 70 year olds (bless 'em!) as it used to be! We all had a great time and except for a short over-night stay in hospital (Cornichon) we had a great time and would go back tomorrow if we could!

Anyway we are back and in the groove again. I went to WW last night and amazingly DID NOT PUT ON ANY WEIGHT AFTER A WEEK OF 5* ALL INCLUSIVE 7 MEALS A DAY AND PERMANENT BEER. I have to say I did feast on some amazing salads out there but still was no saint and always had a beer on the go. It's amazing what a break to the routine can do for you! I have not been running since we came back (my trainers were a bit of a waste of space in the suitcase too) and neeeeeed to get back into it. Maybe tomorrow night (Mr G is out tonight).

It is Little Pickle's birthday tomorrow! 2 years old! I never think "Where has the time gone?" as I see him every day and make a point of enjoying every day with him and I have a beautiful enormous library of photos of his changes. I am so proud of my little monkey (whose terrible twos came in with a vengeance today) and whose speech is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is very questioning at the moment. "What dat man say? Why he say dat? Why my no go on floor? Why Mummy say me dat?" but I love his inquisitive mind and his ability to tell stories of things he has seen. Every day we talk about the best and wort things of the day and every day he says "Me play wi Bampa and him kick me a ball high high in the sky" even on the days when we don't see Bampa, he is remembering a brilliant brilliant day with Bampa. Sweet sweet boy.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

in two minds

We are going on holiday tomorrow and I am in 2 minds about going. Cornichon came out in a rash today and came home early for school yesterday with a high temp and puking. He is better today apart from this rash but is still not right so I took him to the out of hours doctor in the hospital and she said it is a virus and she could not say whether or not to go on holiday but it is not chicken pox. He was quiet today and happy playing on his own but had to be in the same room as me. The in-laws took Little Pickle to their house to give us some time to sort things out which has really helped. It is most strange just having one child again though! I miss LP's presence and noise and trail of destruction and interaction with his big brother. Home soon.

I am also in two minds about going as we are leaving our house in the (capable) hands of our builder who is going to finish off our fascias and guttering and install some PVC widows and remove our fire and put up new curtain poles in our lounge whilst we are away. I trust our builder as he is great but still I worry. I hope it does not spoil the week worrying.

I have packed tonight and I think I have remembered everything. I took the trouble to write a list when I was on holiday last time of the things that I should have brought with me such as spare PJs (for everyone for sick sessions), tea towel, coffee, washing-up liquid, flanne(mopping sicky brows)l, sketchbook and pencils, spare book (DO NOT rely on hotel libraries), bag of fabric and crafty things to play with. Is there anything I have forgotten?

I am sure I will fill another case tomorrow with other essential shit.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

raging munchies

I am alone (kids asleep) and have the munchies. WW has gone out the window. Come to me my jar of chocolate spread!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I have been neglectful of my blog recently, partly due to Little Pickle who has started to wake at about 11.30pm (my blogging time just before bed) and also because I seem to have lost my way a bit. I had a surge of good intention at the start of the year and blogged 5-6 times a week but I have lost the urge a bit and lost some focus on my life. I have forgotten my 101 list and did not make a goal list for April or analyse the one for March and have just not had achievements at the forefront of my mind.

Tis must change. I have cleared my ironing pile. I have tidied today. I am getting a man in to clear my horrible pampass grass from the garden. I am going on holiday. I have voted. I have sent out Little Pickle's birthday invitations. I had a weekend away with my best mate and we shared some delicious things. I am back on board the Organised Express. All Aboard! Toot toot!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Just keep running

I have been bitten by the running bug. I have been running regularly for about 3 weeks now and I feel like I am well and truly into the groove. I went for a run on Tuesday and I went for another one tonight and I am already looking forward to the next one! I am away for the weekend on a girlie wine and shopping trip and am wondering how I can take my trainers with me and sneak in a run!

This is good. I am making changes to myself and I am enjoying the process. Bring it on.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Small Challenges

I made a bet with myself tonight as I made tea for the boys. I bet myself I would be able to resist picking at their tea (frankfurter sausages in ratatouille with rice). And I DID! I love frankfurter sausages (they are soooo gross but sooooo addictive and once I pop I can't stop. Anyway I was strong all through teatime and did not try one (as I know that would have broken the seal) and even when clearing the table I did not break. I was so pleased with myself that I decided to go for a run after putting the kids down and I DID! It was was lovely too - through the woods which were bursting with wood anemones and threatening to explode with the promise of bluebells. I came home invigorated and refreshed and not hungry and very pleased with myself. I then shaved my legs and prepped my toes with the first part of a pedicure. I am soooo organised and ready for an early night! Get me!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Life is good

I took 2 of these

A happy one of these

We all did some of this

I took 109 photos in hope to get one like this

We took this filled with good things

We were given these

and these

This was delightful

I had 30 seconds to do this

There were songs about bananas and Batman

It was a good day

Monday, 12 April 2010

What have Wii done?

After my purchase of the wii, we have, of course been very busy. The in-Laws came over today to look after the boys while I went to work. After the boys were asleep we introduced the in-laws to the joys of wiiing.

Have wii put a strong 45 year marriage on the rocks? My M-i-L took great delight trying to slice her one and only son's head off in sword-fighting and my F-i-L was driven to distraction with the table-tennis as he got resoundingly beaten. They have both gone to bed in a fit of pique as M-i-L lost by 2 points to F-i-L n the bowling. They want to buy one now. They are both 70.

What have wii done?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Three-wheeled wagon

Mr Gherkin has gone off on a jolly with his Dad to watch their rugby team playing away in France so I have had the 2 boys on my own for a couple of days. He felt the usual parental guilt before going away but I told him not to be so ridiculous and to go away and enjoy himself. According to the texts he has been having a brilliant time even though they narrowly lost by 1 point and he had a rugby ball booted into his face during the warm-up (he used to play and be a ball boy so I really don't know why he just took one in the face and got a fat lip and bent glasses!). He is flying home tonight and should be back with us in the morning. It sounds like he has missed us and the boys and I certainly missed him. It's like pushing a three-wheeled wagon - you can do it but after a certain amount of time it starts to get a bit hard. (Hats off to all single parents out there - you have it tough and tiring!) He is a cooling balm for us and my welcome break from them and he fourth wheel to a well-balanced wagon.

Come home Daddy Gherkin, your family misses you.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I bought a Wii a week ago and it arrived today. Mr G and I are currently "testing it' and getting very competitive. He has decided he hates computer gaming as he keeps getting his arse kicked (by me) and I just love messing about and getting wound up and competitive!

Bring on the games!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shitty day in work

I had one of those days that you can't explain today. I was in work. I was very busy. I got called into a meeting (which sucked my ARSE and made be decide to leave my job) at 1430 and HAD to lave at 1600. The meeting finished at 1545 and I came back to find I had a MOUND of work left to do and attacked it and left at 1640 as I knew Mr G would be there for the boys and the in-laws and came home to my two smiley boys who were full of fun and fresh air and made me feel all the more emotional and in need of some cuddles and support which I got after asking for it and they made me feel good as did some wine after bed-time. I am hoping for the 4TH, yes 4TH never-been-seen-before-since-kids full night's sleep in a row.

Bring it on - so I can spend tomorrow emptying the work shit out of my head.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Family fun day

We don't really celebrate Easter here in the Gherkin Jar as we are not religious, (though I did give in to a chocolate egg hunt around the house which the boys LOVED (Little Pickle bellowed "I GOT ONE!" when he found one all by himself before Cornichon beat him to it!) however I felt I really should do something together as a family so we went to a car boot sale this morning. I had originally planned on going myself alone, with nobody else for a good rummage but Mr Gherkin said "I'll look after the boys, can we come too please? I'd like to have a look!" I really did not think that it would be his thing at all but I could hardly refuse him as he was so sweet. We all went to one about 5 mins down the road and it was lovely! I had time for a good look and they didn't moan and we all came home with something. We had a Scalextrix set for £6, hotwheels set for £3, 4 Transformers for £2, Power Ranger suit for £1.50, Weird Fish jumper for me for £1.50, book for Mr Gherkin for 10p and one for me for 50p. All in all a good shop (although I was thinking about my beautiful streamlined organised toy cupboard with 2 big boxes stuffed into it!

We spent hours playing with the Scalextrix which Cornichon loved but Little Pickle was a bit too young for it, although he had a good go but was a bit heavy-handed with the trigger! We spent the afternoon outside after Mr G cooked a beautiful linguine bolognaise for lunch. I managed to clear out the shed and there is now room to swing a cat in it! Woo hoo! It felt good to sort that as it is our dumping room as we don't have a garage so we really need to keep on top of things in the shed. And now we can! Pat on the back for a job well done! I also put together a little plastic greenhouse that I bought yesterday and it is fab! I can just see it full of little seedlings. Bring on the vag patch!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Getting things done

Today was a good day in the grand scheme of things. I had a full night's sleep, been for a run which was awesome, played with the boys, been to B&Q and Asda and bought a loads of bits for the house including a plastic greenhouse, bean and courgette seeds, door hooks and screws, plastic boxes for under our bed, boxes for the toy cupboard, doormat, Sew Hip, easter eggs, and a blu-ray DVD player. All these things will make this gherkin jar a little more bearable and comfortable for all involved.

I received some freebie seed potatoes and a grow sack in the post this morning! I am very excited about this as they will become part of my veg garden! I intend to work on it tomorrow with the boys, weather permitting. Photos to come tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

In need of some control

I went to WeightWatchers tonight and I put on 2lbs in 2 weeks. That would be because I have been on a major binge for 2 weeks and can't stop filling my face. I got caught red-handed this morning when I had scoffed a choc-chip muffin and hid the evidence behind my bag on the kitchen counter and then Little Pickle pointed at my finger and said "I like a clocker egg!" My chocolatey fingers gave me away and I was rumbled by a not-yet-two-year-old!

I HAD to go to WW tonight as I need to get some control over what goes into my stomach. I have decided to track my food even on the bad days. I have found that my bad days are the days when I don't get much sleep which is every day at the moment as LP wakes at about 11.30 and I get into bed with him and get beaten up all night and wake up feeling lousy. This morning I felt like my spine had been put in a splint going from the top of my head into my pelvis. It is still stiff now, however red wine is making me care less about it. I am going to go to bed before 1030 tonight and try to be strict with LP and not get into bed with him. I WILL do it. I WILL track my food this week. I WILL lose on Thursday.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Normal play resumes

My boys are back home and the balance is back to normal. I love having a break from them but I love it even more when they come home and populate the house with their toys and dirty clothes and funny sayings (Little Pickle's one tonight was "Where's a cheese gone?" when I stirred some into his pasta bolognese at teatime). They are delightful and a pleasure to be with and they make this house sparkle with their presence.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Coupley stuff

A rare night without the boys enabled me to go for a run straight after work, get a delicious bolognaise cooked for me by Mr Gherkin, go to the cinema (like we used to do regularly in the pre-kids days but NEVER get to do now) to watch a crappy but fluffy rom-com/action movie The Bounty Hunter, blog bit and still be in bed for 10.30.


Sunday, 28 March 2010

Growing a colony

I am expanding the gherkin family and getting a wormery! I am so excited! I bought the hardware yesterday and have to send off for the worms in the post tomorrow and they will arrive all wriggly in a packet - I can't wait for it to come! I have had a compost bin before but never in this house as we have not had the room for it. Now we have opened up a channel down the side of the house and I planned to get a compost bin for the corner there. I went to a bin sale yesterday in Ikea and was going to spend £20 on a compost bin but they had bins for £5 and wormeries for £20 so I pushed the boat out and bought an extension to the gherkin family too! I set the wormery up with the boys today and explained how they work and Cornichon seemed fascinated with worm poo!

Can't wait until the little darlings arrive!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Blogger's Block

I have had a bit of blogger's block for the last couple of days, caused mainly by logging on to t'internet, surfing, reading other amazing blogs and coming to an uninspired dead end. I have decided to post before surfing the night away. I heard a quotation on TV the other day

Better to write for yourself with no audience than to write for the audience with no self.

I am sure I got the words wrong but the sentiment is a good one to remember.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New little obession

I don't know why I like it, but I am hooked on the TV programme Glee!

Have you seen it?

It is a drama based in an American High School about a singing club, full of stereotypes but all of whom love a bit of the big show-stopping singing number. I love it! I am not a fan of the current talent show-style TV programmes like Pop Idol and X-Factor but I do like the early rounds when the contestants flog themselves for the over-hyped "judges". Mr Gherkin does not share my love for musical TV so I am confined to watching such programmes late at night with a pile of ironing after he has gone to bed.

I don't care if I have a dirty secret obsession that I hide from my husband. Just don't tell anybody!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Cocktail Party

My husband and I have been invited to a "Cocktail Party" tomorrow night. I have only been to a couple in my 34 years but not for a long time and I am rather excited about this one! It is a 40th birthday house party for one of Mr Gherkin's old friends from his hometown who he has seen once in 16 years and has maintained contact with through Facebook. It just so happens that his friend is best friends with a girl in my office - it could be a fab night! I have not had a grown up party in so long, I went out and bought some false nails and lashes! Woo hoo! This is quite possibly the girliest thing I have done in years! I am wearing a dress and everything! Goodness knows how tomorrow is going to go though - the in-laws are coming down in the morning to look after the boys, Mr G and I are going out to watch the rugby in a local pub/RFC depending on weather, coming home after the match and then going to the party in town for 8pm soberish. I don't want to make a twat of myself to the hostess and potential new circle of friends! Update tomorrow of sober, Sunday if not so.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, 15 March 2010

Not-so-Happy Mother's Day

Hmmmm, well yesterday was a bit of a disaster. I slept in Little Pickle's room as Mr Gherkin was throwing up all of Saturday night, then took Cornichon to a birthday party in soft play (fine as BPs go but not the kind of place you want to spend Mother's Day) then I came home, had a sandwich and spent the afternoon throwing it up! Mmmmmmm.

Illness - be gone from this house!

I think we are OK now - we all had a good night's sleep and today was positively awesome, but I how we all all well now! Mr G had a good day in work (unusual), I did some errands this morning whilst out walking with Little Pickle then bumped into a mummy friend and had a cuppa before picking Cornichon up. We did another errand after lunch and then went down the local playing field with 2 footballs and took a load of photos of the blue blue sky. Let's see how they come out tomorrow. Lp is awake. boo.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Photo Meme

I have been tagged (oooh my first time!) by Julie B at TheSardineTin (a fellow BMB) who is continuing a photo meme (had to google that!).

This is what you have to do

- Open the first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library
- Scroll to the 10th photo
- Post the photo and the story behind it
- Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread

Here is my offering

This is a picture of some of the renovation work we did on our last house in December 2001 (was it really that long ago?). This is was our lounge, known as the Middle Room and we had the walls replastered, cut a fireplace into the blocked up one, put up new plate rails, took out the louvre doors and re-did the shelves, had new carpet and sofas, painted and made it look like this eventually.

The renovations time was a tough time for us as we lived in 1 bedroom which had ALL of our stuff in it and had to cook, eat, dress, chill and sleep in it for about 3 weeks which was NO fun and ruined takeaways for us for a long time. We also had our loft converted and kitchen ripped out and fitted. The house was great once it was all done and we loved that house. It was only the imminent arrival of Cornichon that forced us to move. Happy daze.

Anyway I am tagging

Ordinary Days

Have a look at this here.

It is sweet and helped me to remember today's ordinaryness as special.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Earning my parenting badge

I love being a Mummy and enjoy every day of it and think it is the best job in the world and my two are a breeze to be fair, however last night was one of those nights when Mr Gherkin and I really earned our parenting stripes!

I was messing about on the laptop late last night trying to decide what time is the VERY LATEST I should stop messing and go to bed when at 1130 Little Pickle cried out and I went up to him. He had a cuddle and went back in the cot but would not settle so I picked him up and he vomited all over me. Poor little sweetie! Tea did not look so good second time around! I shouted for Mr G to help whilst I cleaned myself up and congratulated myself on containing all the fall-out and not getting any on the carpet and only minimal washing! I did not put the washing machine on as I did not think I had seen the last of vomiticious clothing for the night. How right I was! I got back to Mr G and Little P snoozing and clean, only for Little P to then puke all over Mr G. Mr G does not have the strongest stomach but managed well and had a shower whilst I looked after poor Little P and then Cornichon woke up and puked all over Mr G fresh from the shower, then puked over me and the landing wall and the bath.

It is safe to say that between us, Mr G and I were up for most of the night attending to poor little vomiting gherkins, cleaning afore-said vomit, showering, changing pyjamas, bedding, washing afore-said, splattered things, snoozing next-to clean sleeping gherkins, waiting for the next session.

I shall expect a badge in the post tomorrow.

That said, the two little gherkins are asleep and almost asleep and free of the vomit for now and have brightened considerably after a quiet day in PJs watching TV. I hope we can have a normal night tonight!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Who are you? (woo-hoo woo-hoo)

I thought it was time to put a little post about how I came up with my blog name. It is quite simple really. I love gherkins! I have loved pickled things all my life - my mum tells the story of how I once ate half a jar of pickled onions while she pushed me in a trolley around Tesco when I was about 1. Give me anything pickled and I am happy - onions, cabbage, chillies, eggs, cucumber, mussels, ginger, herring, whatever. Give me a jar of anything in vinegar and I am happy. Except for walnuts, but I am working on them!

Anyway I have a thing about gherkins and can eat a jar whilst watching TV or working, like others might eat their way though a packet of crisps. I love how you can get tiny sharp little French cornichons and big soft sweet American dill pickles and everything else in between. Mum made some home-made ones once and they rocked and took the roof off my mouth. I found an amazing jar of firm, chewy, salty ones in my in-laws' house about 10 years ago and have never found the same type since. Every year my best mate buys me a jar of them for Christmas and they never make it to Boxing Day.

OK so I like my gherkins and many people really dislike them - why on earth would anyone take one out of a burger? Why? They make the burger! Whilst I was pregnant with my first I would snack on gherkins in work and it really brought the lovers and the haters out of the woodwork. I'd get the lovers sidling up to me to confess their guilty gherkin passion, and then the haters would be bemoaning the foul stench and questioning my hormonal balancing, not knowing it was not just a pregnancy thing!

So gherkins are a dirty little passion for me so I chose the gherkin as my little symbol and as this blog is about my little life in my family in our house, where do gherkins live? In The Gherkin Jar of course! So I am Gherkin (aka Jen), I am married to Mr Gherkin (aka Jon) and we have 2 beautiful little gherkins, Cornichon (aka Dylan) is nearly 4 and Little Pickle (aka Rhys) is nearly 2. More on the contents of The Gherkin Jar on a later post.

So there are my reasons for being a Gherkin. Why do you call yourself what you call yourself?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Too much information

I love the internet. It is pretty good. I have been sat at my computer now for about and hour and a half, intending to write this blog entry but managing to just have a look at this site and mooching about this one and had the obligatory squiz at Facebook and then a trawl around my blogger reading list which is so full of inspiration I often wonder why I bother to look at such beautiful crafty things from such amazing people and don't just get my box of bits out and create something, take a pic of it then sling it on my blog and amaze other people at how clever I am.

Or I could just go to bed. Before my brain melts through my tearducts. Bugger it.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Auntie M has opened her eyes, knows her date of birth and has made her son go home to pick up her teeth as she did not want to be seen without them. She sounds good! The in-laws will be coming down tomorrow to look after the boys as usual but we will be on amber alert in case they have to drop everything and go back to the hospital. I really feel for my mother-in-law. Auntie M is only 5 years older than her and they are very close. I just hope the next few days are good and that she can get through this. Much love.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


"Everything in moderation" is a good theory to live by. Mr Gherkin's favourite Auntie had a massive heart attack yesterday and is in hospital in a drug-induced coma. She is 75, slim, eats like a bird, does not exercise, and smokes 40 fags a day. We knew this day would come. She must have known it would come. We did not want it to happen but it did. We are on pins waiting for Mr G's Mum to phone with news but so far no news which I suppose is good. What can you hope for someone who smokes 40 a day and has done for most of her life? I hope she comes through this I really do.

Conversation over tea (of smily stars and fish-fingers and peas. I NEVER "cook" this kind of crap but Mr G was feeling naughty and had his way with the menu tonight)
Cornichon : (picking up smily star) What's this?
Me : It's just mashed potato made into a star shape with a face on it.
Cornichon : Is it healthy?
Me : No
Cornichon : Can I eat it?
Me : Yes of course Sweet Pea!
Cornichon : Will it do bad things to me?
I have never drilled the whole good v bad food into him or really talked about one food being better than another, we just eat healthy food, mainly cooked from scratch and occasionally have a treat. Of course I told him he would be fine if he ate them but just not every day. He (and Little Pickle) loved the smily stars but I won't be buying them again for a loooong time as they are so addictive for me too!

Conversation after tea
Cornichon : What's for afters?
Me : Blueberries (guilt for badbadbad first course)
Cornichon : No, I don't want fruit, (makes face) I want something else.
Me : How about blueberries with yoghurt and meringue on the top?
Cornichon : Ooooh yeeeeesssss!


Moderation. A good vibe to dance through life with. I will be thinking about this and sending good vibes to Auntie M,

Thursday, 4 March 2010

WW Wagon comes home

I am back on the Weightwatchers wagon because I am so FED UP of binge snacking and not eating proper meals and stealing from the boys' plates.

I CAN do WW. I have got to goal in the past. I lost 2 stone after Little Pickle was born. I have just over 1 stone to go and it will go before I go on holiday.

I will track every day online before I blog (generally last thing at night) and I WILL lose this week.

SO THERE. :Plllllllp

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Sometimes it is better not to blog.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Baddy Brain

Brain is a mess.
Too much to think about.
Work hurts.
Brain in neutral.
Family stressed.
Cloud over the Gherkin Jar

Monday, 1 March 2010

A new month, new goals

Just had a quick squiz at February's goals and I have to say I have achieved a fair few!

Here :

1. Meet a neighbour - DONE-the lovely Wendy and Rob and their lovely kids
2. Have a day shopping all on my own, just me = roll over to March I think!
3. Clear out one lot of cupboards - DONE - Cornichon's cupboards and drawers and Little Pickle's drawers are all sorted.
4. Start running - bad knee has hampered efforts. All fit now so no excuses!
5. Sign up for 5k - will be done tomorrow night
6. Finish Cornichon's quilt - DONE and started on one for Mr Gherkin

I suppose I could have done better but I won't beat myself up over it. There's always March...

Goals for March

1. Sign up for 5k and start training plan.
2. Finish Mr Gherkin's quilt.
3. Have a day shopping ALONE and BY MYSELF.
4. Get back on the WW wagon and lose 2 lbs.
5. Clear out a cupboard space again
6. Shop around and change energy providers

Not very interesting but a focus at least.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Eating baaaaad stuff today

We went out for lunch at Pizza Hut which was good but Mr Gherkin and I shared a large cheese stuffed crust pizza and a bowl of salad which was waaaaay too much but did not stop me anyway. I then helped Little Pickle out with his nasty sweetie-laden ice-cream and regretted it. I had stomach and chest cramps when we came home and nobody wanted to eat proper tea. I have now just made a rum-laden coffee marscapone dessert for tomorrow night's dinner party with the in-laws and I HAD to keep testing it as I went along. I feel gross. I need to hop back on the WW bus big style this week!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Time, time, time, see what's become of me...

I love browsing round blogland and coming across new blogs to inspire me or admire. I follow many parenty/crafty ones and am always amazed at how other people manage to fit so much into their days! Here is the latest one - beautiful blog and such cute kids! I am fine at entertaining the kids for most of the day and fitting in some house chores round them but I struggle to find time to be crafty. I am stuck to fitting it into the last few hours at night which I probably should be spending with Mr G. That sounds like a silly thing to say as I am still an important person in my life and I need to spend time with myself. And here I am, alone and blogging when I should really be alone and sleeping. Did not get any crafting done today as we had a pile of stuff to watch on TV (there's a hobby I could easily give up but TV is Mr G's sanctuary and we watch stuff together as a couple. I guess it is cheaper, easier and more attainable than actually going out and being a couple! I need to speak to him about this I guess but things are slightly fraught here in the Gherkin Jar without me rocking the stressful boat any more. Often I will do crafty stuff whilst Mr G watches TV under the idea that I am watching it too but I only need to listen to get an idea of what is going on and then I don't even care that much and manage to be a bit crafty whilst in the same room as my darling beloved. I am not painting a good picture here, am I? It's not that bad really but it could be better. We need to sit down and decide what we are doing with the house and make plans for us all. It's all on The Big List Of Things We Need To Do.

Wow I did not intend for this post to be so revealing!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Peace and Quiet

Sometimes it is nice to just be alone. I was supposed to take Little Pickle to toddler group this morning after dropping Cornichon off in nursery. LP was tired in the car so I drive around a bit until he dropped off and then came home, deciding against going back out again. I am enjoying a WHOLE HOT cup of coffee and some fruit and a wander around blogland. It is good to be alone sometimes.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Doing so well then remembering the Rocky Road

I was so good today-remembering the 11 stone yesterday was very helpful. I had a huge wobbly forced by the boys who were playing up and not doing as they were told when I crashed into the sweetie cupboard and destroyed 2 pieces of Rocky Road. The roast chicked skin had a bashing too. I don't know why. Well I do. I was prepared with 0pt snacks but they were not very exciting or tasty - steamed veg , naked. Should have got the mustard on standby.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Paying for a crap day in work

A shit day in work deserves an early night. 1 ranting customer + failed trip to doctors + pizza + chinese curry + half tube pringles = 11 stone on the scales. Why do I do this to myself?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Family party

Tomorrow it is my father-in-law's 70th birthday. He sure does not look and certainly does not act it and I am sure he does not think he is actually 70. He is a big kid at heart hose favourite pastime ever is messing about with his grandsons. I am so lucky to have such lovely in-laws who love me and Mr G and adore and dote on our boys. They look after them for 2 days a week whilst I work even though they live 35 miles away and have to get up at the crack of dawn and get home on Tuesday in the dark. They love coming here and we love having them here. We took them out for a meal this evening to our local Italian restaurant. The food was lovely, the wine was fab (shame 2 of us were driving) and the boys were really well-bejaved even though they were tired towards the end. We came home for Rocky Road Birthday Cake and Candles that we all 4 of us made yesterday and which is F-i-L's absolute favourite, and the boys went to bed at about 8.30 which is way later than usual (though Little Pickle did have a little nap in the restaurant he perked up when the RR came on the table!). I hope the boys sleep well tonight. Little P has been bad recently but I think that is more to do with me than him. I need to go to bed earlier and be in a better state to go to him when he wakes and soothe him without picking him up and getting into the double bed with him and having terrible sleep after this (like last night and the night before and before that). Hopefully a good night tonight will inspire me into another one tomorrow night without the grand-help!

Den Day

I helped the boys to make a den under the kitchen table this afternoon and the LOVED it. They were pretending to be doctors and Little Pickle was guffawing so much it cracked me up too! I love times like this!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Today I felt good. I cleaned the inside of my car - vacuum and everything! No more feeling disgusted when I get into my car and ashamed when Jon is rightfully sarcastic about the filth he has to dig out before he can get into the front seat. The boys helped to a certain extent but I had to finish off alone. I did all those things that have annoyed me like tidying the restrain belts on the car seats, cleaning the coffee I spilt in there about a month ago, taking out the books that have been there and not read for as long as I have had the car! I fell like I need to put an air freshener in it ( I HATE air fresheners) that has that 'new car' smell. I can't wait to drive it tomorrow!

I also had a couple of hours alone and managed to clean the porch, dust the front of the house, weed and de-leaf under the kitchen window, took the dead heads from the nasty ornamental grass at the front, washed the wellies, decided to make more of the room outside under the porch and decided to plant some flowers there. Little project here I come!

Friday, 19 February 2010

I love working part-time

It gives me the chance to spend time with my parents.
It means the 3 of us can sleep over mid-week without rushing to be anywhere.
It means we can go to cool places like Mumbles Pier just because it is a cool place and it is there.
It means we can meet Mr Gherkin for lunch just because he happens to be out and about and sneaking a sneaky Friday afternoon long lunch.
It means I can reminisce about times I used to wander around holiday camp arcades hanging round the 2p drop slot machines in hope of finding some freebies in the drop trays. I was brilliant at this! I am trying NOT to encourage my sons to gamble at their young ages. But it is still a fun thing to do!
Bouncing on the bed pretending to be a motorbike can take AAAAAAAAAAGES!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Best bits

Best/Worst conversation in bed with Cornichon tonight

Me: What was the best bit of your day?
Him : Ummmmmm playing with you on the computer. (We found some Disney games and have a scream whilst Mr G put LP to bed as he is a bit poorly)
Me: My best bit was when you were playing with Daniel in his house. (3 of us went over to Wendy's and the kids played and we chatted)
Him : Umm yeah that was a best bit too.
Me : And what was the worst bit?
Him : There were no worst bits today, it was all best bits!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

very little going on here

I had a rubbish day in work. No change there really. I am very pleased to be home and in a crowded noisy boy-filled house! Yeaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

Monday, 15 February 2010

So quiet

It is so quiet here n the Gherkin Jar! Little 'uns are still in Granny and Bampa's and will be home at 4 tomorrow. I managed to do a big clear-out of Cornichon's cupboards and took a pile of 18-24mth clothes down from the loft for Little Pickle, put up a load of 6-9mth and 9-12 mth and 12-18mth things and sorted Cornichons' 2-3yr stuff out and put it together for later in the year when Little Pickle will be catching him up! My boys are getting so big! I emptied the airing cupboard of the ironing last night only to do a load today and have more new stuff for tomorrow to be washed and fill the cupboard again. It is never ending! At least I can feel a bit smug for 1 day when I have an empty airing cupboard. :)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crowded House

A crowded house is a happy house. We all spent the day in my Mum and Dad's as it was Mum's birthday. My bro and his wife and my sis came down too and we had a reet good day. Mum was in her element with all her "chicks" back at the nest and B and I cooked roast lamb dinner which was awesome (if I say so myself!). She loved her presents (pussy willow tree, 2 DVDs and some handmade cards from us and a coat from Dad) and loved the fact that she did not have to do any cooking! It was so lovely to see the boys playing with everyone, beating my bro G up with baloons and messing about on the lawn with a football. Dad joined in with a roomful of Bat the Balloon which was lovely to see too. We dropped the boys off in Mr Gherkin's parents house for tonight and tomorrow night and came home to our quiet house. I don't like it here when it is quiet but I am sure I will enjoy a quiet night's sleep! 'Night!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ooops I did it again.

I was just about to compose a new post last night when Cornichon yelled out for me at 1230am. It was the start of a looooong night which ended with me being rescued by Mr Gherkin at 0745 and having a solo lie-in until 0930. It did not feel like a lie-in it felt like the start of the night. I was OK today though. Well maybe I was not the best parent all day. We had the TV on all morning and then when I actually wanted to watch the rugby at 2pm the boys had had enough of it and started playing up (cabin fever was high). We went out to Asda after the rugby (woo hoo!) and had crapola tea there but they were good as gold even though they were afraid of the dark. Cornichon was moaning when we were getting back in the car and it was dark which kicked off Little Pickle and I told Cornichon to show Little Pickle how there was nothing to be afraid of so he did "There's nothing to be afraid of, it's only dark!" and they were both fine! Little Pickle then repeated "No Fray" all the way home! How sweet! Mr G was in town watching the rugby so I did nNight Night alone and they were fab. They both jumped out of the bath together into one towel and we allsnuggled up in Cornichon's bed for a story. It was beaut.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Still Puff Mummy

Face is still bloated and blotchy and is now itchy. I am hacked off with it. Every time I pass a mirror I am reminded how I look like Statler from The Muppet Show but still managed to get a decent pic with Cornichon at Night Night time.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Beetroot Face

I have the faceache thing again. I woke up and my face was all puffy like a spitting image mask and then it got progressively redder. This is not a pretty face at the best of times but I scared myself when I saw it in the mirror this morning. People were staring at me all day. I was supposed to go out tonight but I could not face people looking at me. I used Oil of Olay facial wash, exfoliator toner and moisturiser. I am going to avoid it for a while and then do a patch test. I can't be looking like this again if that is all it is. No results back from the doc yet either. I feel rubbish. Mr Gherkin is being nice to me though which made me feel better about staying in and cwtching up with him and we watched a film - tick on the 101 list!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Words of wisdom

I always take time to have a chat with the boys over tea and we always have a Best Part of your Day and Worst Part of your Day conversation and they fill me in on the good and the bad things that are important to them. This is a lovely precious time for me as it always makes me smile about the thing they find important. Today Little Pickle's best bit was "kick ball" with Bampa Anya and the worst bit was "hleep [cue snoring sound]"! How cute is that? He is 21 months old! Cornichon's best bit was when Granny and Grampa arrived this morning and the worst bit was not going to school but stopping playing with them. Cuteness!

On Saturday we had Sausage and mash with Broccoli peas and gravy and we were taking about thevegetables we like. I said I liked broccoli and peas and Cornichon said he liked potatoes and Little Pickle said his favourite vegetable was "hossage". I could just eat him up!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

February Goals

I have just been checking back and realised that a post I wrote on Feb 1st has not been saved! How annoying! I made a short list of goals for February and I am sure I published it but it is nowhere to be found!

Anyway here it is, to the best of my recollection.

1. Meet a neighbour
2. Have a day shopping all on my own, just me
3. Clear out one lot of cupboards
4. Start running
5. Sign up for 5k
6. Finish Cornichon's quilt

Back to normal today

Ahem. As you may have already realised, I went out on Friday night. I drank wine. I was a bit pissed. I forgot that I posted on here until mid-Saturday morning when I checked my facebook profile only to realise that I had posted there whilst slightly the worse for wear.

Gherkin has decided that corect spellin is shit an that she nose it all

Uuuuuggggh! I am a spelling pedant! I then had a vague recollection that I may have typed elsewhere and struggled to hit any of the right keys and got frustrated and fed up. A-ha. Checked out the blog and cringed again. Eeeeeeew wine is bad when mixed with fresh air! The reason for the intoxication was a bingo night in Cornichon's school and I invited Wendy along with me. We had a few wines and then won a bottle on the pub quiz. I thought I was tidy when we were there but the walk home must have woozled me. Had a fab time though!

I have managed to cross another goal off my list - my bathroom cupboards have been sorted! Hopefully they will be toddler-proofed tomorrow too! Woo hoo!

Friday, 5 February 2010


It is taking mr ehilr to type this. it id not good. I have been drinking wine for this. It IS good. Typing IS BAD. home is Good


Thursday, 4 February 2010

A new friend!

Ha! I can cross off one of my 101 list already! I invited a new neighbour around for a coffee today and she is lovely! She has 3 kids, 5, 3.5 and 5 months and is looking to make new friends round here! How fab! I think we may have to try a night out with some wine involved. What a treat to have a girlie friend! Only 5 doors away too! I need to calm down otherwise I'll scare her off!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Still got it

Ahhhhh I am sitting on the sofa, boys asleep upstairs, Mr Gherkin in London with work and I am tapping away, listening to/watching a George Michael concert from 2008. This is pure pleasure! He was my first crush from about 1984 when I discovered pop music and had a cut-out picture and article from the News of the World on my bedroom wall as my first poster (my bedroom walls saw MANY, many posters in the years after). He looked totally LUSH in the picture and looking at the gig tonight, he is still pretty lush (to coin a phrase of my teenage years). He sounds fab too! I really need to get me a ticket to one of his gigs really! I think I'll put his album on my shuffle for the next run. Oh my goodness he has just launched into my favourite song - Feeling Good! Crappin ell it's Roooooxanne now! This guy is working through my favourite song Top 10! We were meant to be together! Oh to have the opportunity to straighten him out!

Monday, 1 February 2010

We're only sleeping

After so many posts about bad sleeping, I have to admit that the sleep situation is greatly improved here in the Gherkin Jar. Well for the boys at least. Cornichon is sleeping better and has managed a few nights all the way through until 6, as has Little Pickle which is awesome. I, on the other hand, have started going to sleep when I put the boys to bed, sleeping for 2 hours and then going to bed at 12 and not being able to sleep myself! ,Though this may be irritating for me it is all my fault and infinitely preferable to being woken up several times a night and being beaten up by a slumbering or not slumbering small boy for several hours before uprightness. Need to work on it but it's getting better all the time!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

101 List

I am a follower of the whatshappeningatmyhouse blog and she has done something called a 101 List which is just a list of things she intends to do, some time, no time limit. I like the idea of this and have plenty of things I would like to do but never get round to remembering or accomplishing. I plan to use this post as a record of those things I think about doing but always forget about. The list is not in any kind of order. I will update it as and when I think of stuff or achieve stuff. I thank whatshappeningatmyhouse for the idea and may have been inspired by some of the things she suggests only because they are truly great ideas!

1. Set up a new account on folksy and sell stuff on it
2. Learn how to use my ice-cream maker. (Feb 10. Binned Mar 10)
3. Run a 5k event.
4. Run a 10K event.
5. Own an allotment.
6. Go out in a wig.
7. Have an overnight stay in a posh hotel.
8. Drink champagne away from home with my darling husband.
9. Have a family weekend away without help.
10. Have a girly weekend with my best bud.
11. Make friends with a neighbour. (Feb 10)
12. Have a professional hair colour.
13. Go running 3 times a week.
14. Hit 10 stone.
15. Go to New York for a grown-up holiday.
16. Clear out bathroom cupboards. (Feb 10)
17. Make a quilt for myself which is beautiful.
18. Go out with my brother and his wife.
19. Go to the theatre.
20. Buy a good coat.
21. Go to a car boot sale.
22. Have a Swiss massage.
23. Re-gold my wedding ring.
24. Look after my hands for a month and have a manicure.
25. Look after my feet for 2 months and have a pedicure.
26. Do sit-ups every day for a month.
27. Use body moisturiser every day for 2 weeks.
28. Have a 3 day detox on just fruit and vegetables.
29. Have eyebrows professionally shaped.
30. Have a facial.
31. Sign up for beauty testers and enjoy the pleasure.
32. Establish a weekly house cleaning routine and get boys involved.
33. Climb the Garth.
34. Ride a bike.
35. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt.
36. Go away for New Years Eve.
37. Visit 25 places for Family Fun Days.
38. Watch 52 films.)2/52
39. Sign up for an evening course.
40. Complete 30 items from Biddying To Make List.
41. Set up account for selling books on Amazon.
42. Do monthly clear out for charity shops on 15th of the month. Done Feb
43. Do monthly paperwork/organisation on 1st of the month. Done Feb
44. Sign up for weekly class with Little Pickle.
45. Make coffee friends with 3 Mums in Nursery. (1/3)
46. Get Cornichon involved with a weekly class.
47. Phone a friend on Sundays.
48. Re-start Thursday lunches with Mummy friends.
49. Get an eye test.
50. Get the boys involved with the dentist.
51. Read 25 books.(1/25)
52. Get new curtains and poles in the lounge.
53. Get monthly subscription to Sew Hip.
54. Organise monthly nights out with sister.
55. Get 50,0000 grains at (2000)
56. Start Christmas cards before December.
57. Decorate Cornichon's room.
58. Decorate Little Pickle's room.
59. De-register for Find The Duck Books
60. Re-organise Cornichons' cupboards.
61. Update all downloaded pictures.
62. Fix up kitchen notice board to replace post box.
63. Read the instruction book for my camera.
64. Arrange a shopping day for me, just me.
65. Make the porch look pretty.
66. Have the car valeted. (Done Feb by me)
67. Tidy the shed.
68. Go to France.
69. Re-connect with Uruguay.
70. Go to bed before 10pm for a 1 week.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I bloomin hate taxes!

I hate this time of year when I have to file a tax return for a platry amount. I really wish I had not started selling Usborne Books for this one main reason. There is so much hassle involved in filing a tax return for such a paltry sum. I mean I turned over £136 last year and made about £32 and yet I still have to pay tax on this! What the f*ck? I am so stressed I have eaten most of a chocolate orange just thinking about this pathetic exercise. I got half way through filing the return and it asked me about under paying tax in 2008-9. Have I? I don't bloody know! How much? Don't know? When? Don't know. Can I call them up to ask what it is all about? Bloody no- they are closed until 8am tomorrow. Bloody slackers. I am very fecked off and have to go downstairs now to pin my beautiful quilt binding for my beautiful boy. That should de-stress me. Well it better bloody had.

Monday, 25 January 2010

The chore of work

I have to say that even though I hate my job it is not bad at the moment as it is a quiet time of year for us. I only work 2 days a week so it is even LESS of a chore for me compared to the other muppets in the office. How come I STILL hate the fact that I have to spend time away from my boys for 2 whole days a week then? I came home at 4.20 (VERY reasonable) and made tea for them and tried to prise some information from Cornichon as to what he did today in school (very little. He seems to be spending a lot of time on his own and we are a bit concerned about him. A chat with the teacher will fix things I'm sure and we'll learn about all the stuff he does and does not tell us about!) We went up for a bath and had them both asleep by 7 and it feels like I've hardly seen them at all! I want to go and cwtch up with them now just for the sake of it! I know I should count my non-religious blessings that I only have to work for 2 days a week and then still wish for a couple of hours on my own then. And I will this week.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lovely family day

After last night's late night panic blog post only to realise that I could not type from my phone- (need an app!) I am here today after a lovely relaxing family fun day when we all went bowling and then had pizza. Everyone enjoyed themselves enormously, even Cornichon was not too downhearted that he had not regained his winners trophy and Mr Gherkin did not crow that he had usurped the former champion. (I think he wished he had let one of the boys win really!)

I did remarkably well at the all you can eat buffet in the pizza restaurant. I did not even look at the pizza hotplate and just had 0pt salad and then piles of fruit for afters. I was so proud of myself! I put on 1.5lbs on Thursday and am STILL smarting about it! I will be rid of it this week, oh yes I will! Oh shit I just remembered I am supposed to b in a works night out on Thursday! Arrrrrgh!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Feeling under the weather

I just feel a bit ruff today. My face came out in a rash all over and down my neck, my nose is sore and I have ulcers at the back of my mouth which make eating painful. My glands are up and I feel tired and I have no energy. Ironically I had 8 full uninterrupted hours of sleep last night! I went to bed at 2230 and was woken at 0640 by Cornichon! I can't remember the last time that happened!

I am off to the doc's tomorrow for myself for the first time in ages! I neeeeeeed a boost. I put on 1.5lbs this week too. This is not good. Energy where are you?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

tired, so tired

I am so tired I could fall asleep standing up. 'Night.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Where I am right now

I missed a blog and picture yesterday due to the fact that the littlest Pickle was poorly last night and came downstairs at about 9 and I went up with him and was beaten up until 4am when Mr G came to rescue me and give me hours sleep. I had every intention of coming in here to blog and take a pic but Little Pickle had other ideas. He is teething right now and has a cold and yesterday developed conjunctivitus. Grampa took him to the doc;s today and he gave him drops for his eyes but said he just has a virus which is affecting his throat and cough. I guess this is good but it still amkes it hard to not be able to do anything for him but make him cry when I put drops in his eyes. The trials of parenting!

Tonight I took a picture of "my desk" here at home. I say "my desk" as it is one of the desks that we have in the study which is used principally by Mr Gherkin as he works from home about 3 days a week. He also runs the computer network here and is really good at it so I have very little input or real interest therein. As a result the study is "decorated" in his simplistic minimalist style and the half of the huge desk that my laptop stand and keyboard occupies is sparse and stark. there is nothing personal within sight - anywhere in the room actually! I am sure I would have personalised it a whole lot more should I use the room more often (to be fair I mainly use the lap top on the top of my lap downstairs whilst Mr G watches TV so I don't really need to bedeck the desk with boughs of holly or anything so frivolous. It is still stark and non-girly here. A bit sad really. Pics to download soon.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cawks a-lawdy

I have been out drinking with my sister and am in no fit state to tpe aything. nuff said. I amm off t bed and will discuss further tomorroe abyut our pajns for organising our family life whether our brother like it or not. much drubkenness xxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

I was supposed to have an evening to myself tonight as Mr G was due to go out for a pint. I decided to spend it in the kitchen finishing Cornichon's quilt. I have fallen out of love with it a bit now and I just need to get rid of it from my WIP list. Cornichon is so excited about it I just want it to be finished for his sake now. Can't wait to see his face and make some room in my over-stuffed crafty space!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Still thinking ...

I am struggling to get much sleep and my thinking has been lost and forgotten. I am going to sleep now and concentrate on thinking. I need help to get through the days.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Just me

I feel the need to think hard over the next few days about what I want in my life in 2010 and what channel I intend to take. I have been pootling along nicely now for a long time using the kids as a crutch but not taking anything for myself. I am going to have a good long think about what is good for me, just me.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow again

We are in the middle of another heavy snow storm. And I love it. I went to work this morning but took the afternoon off as Mr G and his parents wanted to go to a funeral and I did not want my Mum and Dad to come out here with the risk of snow (goodness knows, Dad's driving is bad enough in good conditions let alone a blizzrd!). Anyhoo I came home at 1215 no problems, no more snow then, Mr G went to the funeral and came back with the start of the snowstorm but was fine and home by 4. Apparently my colleague left work at 4.15 but did not get home until 8.00! How nuts! He lives about 8 miles from me! Good choice to have a half day holiday! Took some bad pics of the snow. Will upload soon.

Monday, 11 January 2010

So tired. Brain not working. Fingers pressing wrong buttons. Tonight the in-laws are staying over and will watch the boys. I sleep.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Perfect Sunday at home

Today was lovely, just lovely. Mr Gherkin let me have a lie in until 9 and then he had one til 11. I decided to do a Sunday roast as I have never done one in this house! How awful is that? I took the meat out last night (how organised?!) and planned when it should go into the oven this morning and then planned the roasties and veg and gravy and it was all ready for 2.15! Mr G and cornichon went to Asda to do some shopping whilst Little Pickle slept. We all pottered in the kitchen, Mr G cooking tomorrow's tea, me with lunch, Cornichon with Power Rangers in hand and Little Pickle helping Mr Gherkin. I decided bloody Marys would be a great idea and then we opened and finished a bottle of wine with lunch. It was so perfect and relaxed and everyone was together doing their own thing. Lunch was relaxed with everyone around the table, doing plenty of "Cheers!"-ing and roaring with laughter. Even though both boys are not 100% (LP has a cold and C has a cough at night) it was so perfect. We finished off lunch with a session of Best Part of my Day, Worst Part of my Day and a dancing session in the lounge along with the Beatles of course! My sister arrived during this mosh session and stayed to play and catch up until teatime. Little Pickle has started to call her Bee! (Auntie Bee to give her full title) but it was the first time he called it to her face. She was super chuffed.

Best Part of my Day - being together with my family before, during and after lunch
Worst Part of my Day - thinking about going to and getting to work if it snows again tonight.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Give in and join 'em

Today I finally accepted that I might have enough grey hairs to warrant a buying some hair dye. I have never been a girl who spends ANY money on her hair (about 4 cuts a year and then all the sameish style, bog standard shampoo and conditioner and about 3 pots of curl creme a year). I have a stand-offish relationship with my hair - I leave it do what it wants and we don't argue. It has been chestnut brown all my life (I did put cheap temp orange streaks in it when I was 17 but they only lasted a day or so) with a few natural highights from Tenerife 2 months ago and until now I have only seen about 6 grey hairs. Pretty good don't you think? I now catch myself looking for grey hairs and have found more than 2 on a few occasions and decided that I need to sort this out and stop myself from searching for old age! I have taken some baaaad photos of myself recently and noticed how haggard I am looking. The sleep situation still has not improved with the boys and it is showing in the mirror. This is not good. I am not a pretty woman but I just look grotesque now (OK so taking pics of myself is never going to be flattering) and I am in need of a boost. Hair is now all 120 Dark brown (although for a moment under the tap I did think I would be indigo) and I am off to bed at 1100 for a treat. I will book a haircut for Feb (when we are not skint). By that time I will have lost loads of weight and be looking fab and deserving of my facial (Christmas present from Mr Gherkin). Did I tell you I lost 5lbs this week? Woo hoo!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's getting better all the time....

I managed to download some pics today! I said I would didn't I? Today's pic is of my boys doing what they do best - messing about.

They love chasing and running around and fortunately today's little session after tea did not end up with one of them crying! Ha! Bonus! More fun to watch too!

It's doing my head in positioning these pics. I have a lot to learn about blogging and making it interesting. I guess this is a bit better than it used to be what with pics and all but it is not quite right. My brain hurts. Nighty night!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Snow Day!

Woo Hoo! Mega snow last night means Snow Day today! I have some pics already (how good am I?) and will download them later. We all went outside and played snowball fights on the road of the cul-de-sac and made 2 snowmen (yet to receive their faces and costumes though). The boys loved it and Mr Gherkin cracked a smile too! Little Pickle has a cold and got cranky so we came in at 10 and I made hot chocolate with chocolate biscuits and put a new Disney DVD on - Open Season. Little Pickle is sleeping on the sofa next to me as I type and Cornichon is playing with his cars and watching the film all the while claiming he does not like it.

Snow is good. Life is good.


I have decided to take a picture every day for 2010. I have to admit I am not very good at taking pictures and my subjects are not all keen to be pictured and my equipment is not always available or very good. That said, no excuses, I will use this project as way of practicing my photography and getting better at being good at it! I have yet 2 pics to publish here for today and yesterday but they have been taken, just not downloaded yet, another ting that needs to be practiced!

Fear not - my blog will get better in 2010!

Monday, 4 January 2010

End of a Tree-ra

Tonight was the last night spent in the lounge with our lovely tree by the fireplace blinking on and off and sparkling the room. It has been up since Nov 30th just after we came home from Tenerife in need of some cheer.

I loved putting it up and have let the boys come and go moving the ornaments around as they please. I believe family Christmas trees should be made up by the whole family and go out of my way NOT to have a theme or colour.

Our tree has a little bit of everything and everyone. We have some china decs from Mr Gherkin's late Gran,

some funky fruit decs that I love just because they are NOT Christmassy,

some felt ones I made last January,

many moved around by the boys and many gaps caused by such moving. There are NO chocolate ones left - the boys (and I to a lesser extent) saw to that. There are Baby's first decs foreach of the boys. I need to get the boys working on some for next year's tree as I would love our tree, of say 2025, to have some history to it and some things that would make the boys cringe!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

To resolve, or not to resolve ...

Here we are -Day 3 of the new Year and already I am on my third blog post! How long will it last? Who can tell? I'm not saying I made a resolution to blog every day.... but I am going to blog whenever I can. Even if I have nothing to say. Like today.

Oh I think I lost about 5 lbs since yesterday! woo hoo! I went back to Weightwatchers with a fervour yesterday, determined to stop bingeing like I had been doing for the month of December. I weighed 11 stone 1 lb which meant I managed to put on 6.5 lbs in 2 weeks! And about 5 in December anyway. I felt gross. I have been super good since yesterday (apart from going out for a meal and getting drunk last night which was NOT planned. I have paid for it today though and been very virtuous. Yay me! I weighed this morning in the bathroom and seemed to have lost 5 lbs! Yay again! We'll see what the official scales say next week though!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Rare Night Out

Woo hoo! We managed to get a night out without the boys! We went to see Sherlock Holmes in the cinema, which was OK I guess. I snoozed for while ten started to enjoy it. A guy film - full of swashbuckling and fighting but I guess it was OK. I was not in the mood for that kind of film but I warmed to it none the less. We then went to a lovely pub a car ride from home for a meal which turned into a meal and a few wines and me leaving the car there and getting a taxi home and having to do many typing corrections in this entry. Mr Gherkin and I had good talks about our future and the future of our family and made some pretty big decisions. I will elaborate further some time soon and when I am soberer than this! Today was a good day to remember we are a driving force and are not just sucked into the normal daily routine (that we love!). It was good to be Gherkin and Mr Gherkin and not Mummy and Daddy. Feels good.