Thursday, 24 September 2009

School for Cornichon

Well the last 3 weeks have seen Cornichon start 5 afternoons a week in nursery of the local school. It has been quite stressful but is getting easier day by day. Today was good. He started crying at 9am with the plaintiff cry "I don't want to go to schooo-oool!" which lasted for a while until we went to toddlers at 10 then he was OK over lunch in a cafe (his usual crying trigger) and then did not cry at all on the ride to school nor in the waiting room nor when I left was he walked into the classroom! This is good! He responds really well when I tell him about how proud of him I am that he did not cry at all and about how I think about him whilst he is in school. Sweet boy!

Little Pickle seems to enjoy the time on his own with me too - we managed a trip around Asda at warp speed (for me!) and had plenty of time for playing with the steering wheel whilst waiting for Cornichon to finish. Poor sweetheart is not sleeping well at the moment and seems to just want me there in the room with him when he wakes. I must have spend an hour last night lying in the bed in his room shushing him - so much my lips were sore from all the pursing! I hope he sleeps well tonight as he is with Granny and Grampa tomorrow and Nana and Grampa on Saturday because I AM GOING ON A HEN WEEKEND!

I am super excited about this - it will be nice to spend some time with just girls and have a break from a male-dominated household! Don't get me wrong, I love life with 3 boys band I have never been a very girlie girl but sometimes it would be nice to spend some time putting make-upon on without any background comment or question! And there will be wine too...

Here's to a lovely weekend with the girls and missing my boys!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the hen's night!
    i love girlie nights too...nothing better to put world to rights !