Friday, 14 May 2010


Well Turkey was a blast. Not so much a week of R&R as I don't feel like I had a rest from the usual 'work' of family but it was a break from the old routine (which though great and essential for daily life; it can get a bit boring). The in-laws came with us but it is not so easy to palm off two kids onto two 70 year olds (bless 'em!) as it used to be! We all had a great time and except for a short over-night stay in hospital (Cornichon) we had a great time and would go back tomorrow if we could!

Anyway we are back and in the groove again. I went to WW last night and amazingly DID NOT PUT ON ANY WEIGHT AFTER A WEEK OF 5* ALL INCLUSIVE 7 MEALS A DAY AND PERMANENT BEER. I have to say I did feast on some amazing salads out there but still was no saint and always had a beer on the go. It's amazing what a break to the routine can do for you! I have not been running since we came back (my trainers were a bit of a waste of space in the suitcase too) and neeeeeed to get back into it. Maybe tomorrow night (Mr G is out tonight).

It is Little Pickle's birthday tomorrow! 2 years old! I never think "Where has the time gone?" as I see him every day and make a point of enjoying every day with him and I have a beautiful enormous library of photos of his changes. I am so proud of my little monkey (whose terrible twos came in with a vengeance today) and whose speech is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is very questioning at the moment. "What dat man say? Why he say dat? Why my no go on floor? Why Mummy say me dat?" but I love his inquisitive mind and his ability to tell stories of things he has seen. Every day we talk about the best and wort things of the day and every day he says "Me play wi Bampa and him kick me a ball high high in the sky" even on the days when we don't see Bampa, he is remembering a brilliant brilliant day with Bampa. Sweet sweet boy.

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