Monday, 23 April 2012

To Be Read Challenge 2012 - Book Review 1

OK so my To Be Read pile is actually reducing now!  I am pleased with this as some of the books we have have been hanging around for so long with perfect shiny spines just waiting to be cracked and broken.  Enter the TBR challenge!

I have finished 2 and a half books out of my 12 and for the end of April I guess I am about 1 book behind but I am doing a lot better than I thought I would do!

Here is the review of the first one

Shakespeare by Bill Bryson
I bought this book a few years ago as it was super cheap at The Book People (I am sure it was cheaper than £6.39!).  I have read A Walk in the Woods and enjoyed Bryson's writing style of humorous and informative and I developed a love for Shakespeare when I studied King Lear for 'A' Level English Literature 20 years ago so I thought this would be a nice gentle lesson about the playwright.

I found it an enjoyable book and It did indeed teach me about Mr S, however the reason for the book only being 200 pages cover to cover is because very little is known about him in the first place!  I was surprised in this finding given the volume of work that he is known for but Bryson's easy-going amiable informative style makes no apology for the lack of facts in this factual read.

It is a book I would recommend to anyone who has even a slight interest in Shakespeare and it is so easy and quick to read, it is an interesting eye-opener into the paucity of information that this country has for it's best-known writer.

A good 7 out of 10

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