Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Feeling really pregnant

I have 6 weeks to go until the baby arrives and I have only now started to really feel the strain of pregnancy.  I had two relatively easy pregnancies.  On my first one I had SPD from 26 weeks to the end and it was hard but manageable.  On my second I had it from 20 weeks and had a toddler to chase and carry around and the SPD carried on, on and off until my second was about 3.  It was more off than on but it still cut me in half if I pushed it a bit when exercising.  This time around I was expecting an even harder trip but to be honest, it has been a piece of cake.  No SPD really apart from feeling like I wanted to tighten up the screws in my pelvis but really nothing that bad.

Now, in the home straight, I can feel how standing for an hour puts a strain on my back and these last couple of days the restless legs have 'kicked off'.  Itchiness is annoying but reserved for my lower legs and is manageable with short nails and cream.  I had to ask a friend to take my eldest to football tonight as I could not stand the thought of standing in the rain and the dark with my youngest after rushing to feed them and get to the pitch for 6pm.  I guess I need to step back a bit and accept help and favours from all the people who have been offering.

Now can somebody just offer to do my ironing tonight please?

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