Sunday, 12 July 2009

Naked Office

I am blogging this whilst watching a documentary called Naked Office where a small office goes naked for 1 day to get themselves working better together. I can't think of anything I would rather do less given my hang-ups about my stretched body and excess weight and don't start me on how I don't look after myself with lotions and potions. The idea of displaying any flesh to even myself is pretty grotesque at the moment. I am over-weight, although only 8.5lbs off my WW goal but I think I need to lower it again as I can't see myself being happy with just 8.5lbs more weightloss. It is strange but when I was at my slimmest (summer 2002) I was 9 stone 9 but I spent more time around 10 stone. I was fit and happy with my body and felt slim. I am now at 10 stone 8.5 so not too far off what I was and I still feel way too fat and wobbly. I think 10 stone is too much for me. I won't say anything to my WW leader until I hit it though. I could do with saving my weekly fee once I hit goal!

Coming back to the programme; I think that my disinterest in my job and team also would have me sprinting from any suggestion of nakedness at work. I dislike my job. I have nothing to say to my team mates and have made an effort to say nothing at work. I exclude myself from the public areas at lunchtime preferring to sit alone in my car rather than make innante smalltalk with people I dislike and have no interest in. It may sound harsh and cold but I like it this way. At 2 days a week It is not difficult to put a face on for 14 hours out of 168 (less than 10% of my time!) and they pay me for this face. Oh to be paid and not have to do a face. Oh to do THIS and get paid. You can't even see my face on here can you? I think my work face is my work clothing and to go to work naked without my work face and with my real "I Hate This" face would be too much to bear/bare(?). Work tomorrow. Joy.

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