Thursday, 9 July 2009

Important Things

Conversation in the car
Cornichon : We're driving a big silver lorry
Me : Ok, what's in the back of the lorry
Cornichon : Important stuff
Me : What kind of important stuff?
Cornichon : ummmm guitars and CDs. They're important stuff.

Mr Gherkin and my brother would be so proud!

In Other News...Little Pickle is walking well now. He has been able to walk for ages but was choosing not to as his crawling is so good and so fast. Now he is walking about 50% of the time and crawling 50% of the time but he walks more each day. It seems to have been so long in coming! I am trying not to compare the 2 boys but it is hard not to. His talking and feeding himself is coming on really well now too. He fed himself a bowl of soup last week (OK he made a fair mess) and managed not to pick it up and throw it on the floor (until the end!). He can now say quite a bit, hello, up, mo (more) again, mum, dad, gampa, nana, car, lo (lorry),ba (bike), go, and understands so much more. I am so proud of my little man!

We took Cornichon to the nursery where he is going to start 5 afternoons a week in September. He really liked it and mixed with the other kids and was disappointed when we brought him home! I am glad he is OK about going in September. I was worried last year that having only just turned 3 he would be too young to go but I know now that he is going to have a blast and be fine going in September. My little man is growing up!

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