Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bloody Ebay!

I am going from one extreme to the next! I am weaning myself off blogger and facebook only to discover ebay! D'oh! Since I started typing this post I have discovered, bid upon and won some Ben 10 laser guns for the boys! Whoop whoop! I am not sure if I will be so pleased with myself come Christmas afternoon and they re driving me nuts! I lucked upon 2 lots of gogos for a few quid and won them this afternoon. It gets so exciting when the auction is coming down to the last few minutes! I have been outbid on a few lots of gogos as they seem to be really popular but I managed to keep hold of too before some 10 year old sneaked in ahead of me with 20p to spare!

Anyway I am off now to pat myself on the back and tuck into a mountain of ironing. I may well be back on ebay before the night is through!

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