Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year - introspection

I always find myself every new year, in a resolving mood. I love a fresh start to a day, a week, a year, a new exercise book and a clean car interior. I do irritate myself when I let days, weeks, years, books and cars get into such a mess (and they always do). This year, I will not resolve to do lose a zillions pounds by February or read 12 books a week or never each chocolate again as they are easy resolutions to break. This year I will take stock of what I have, use things I need and charity shop everything I don't need or use. We have a reasonable sized house but we have limited storage available. I plan to go through every part of this house (and my life) and re-organise every little corner, understand what we have and what we need and clear out the excess shite and make the most of what we have. Today I tidied 2 cupboards in the kitchen and made a note of things we need and moved things that were in the wrong place and will charity shop the stuff we have that I hate. 2 cupboards down and it's only day 1!

I also spent a hour or so in the garden whilst the boys messed about. It was good to get some fresh air as we have a had a bit of cabin fever these last few days. I want to DO the garden this year. Get a greenhouse. Dig a border along the back fence. Dig up my pots. The front garden needs a LOAD of work done to it but I think that if I focus on the back garden and get that where I want it then I will be brave enough to tackle the front maybe later in the year.

I will re-visit the 101 list and go back to the monthly goals I started last year. When I was blogging and writing them I was doing them and it was good.

This month I shall ...
1. Write and start a weight-loss plan. I work well when I have it written out in front of me.
2. Clean the inside of my car (Mr G did the outside today and I feel compelled to finish it!)
3. Make a playmat for my best mate's little boy.
4. Get a gardening diary and work out my plan for the year.
5. Find a dentist.
6. Complete The Great Organisation of the kitchen.

Come on January - let's get sorted!


  1. We moved house (and countries) recently and you wouldn't believe the junk we have accumulated since then! It's nuts. So I'll be joining you on a quest to de-clutter.

  2. this was me last January, and I did it, a bit at a time I went through every cupboard every drawer. It felt brilliant. Good luck, my car so needs cleaning - please pop round with your hoover.....
    good luck with all your plans and best wishes for 2011

  3. Yay This mid 30s life! Grab your bin bag and fill it full of crap you will never use!

    Helloitsgemma - I am still trying to pluck up the courage to attack the car! I'll let you know when I am feeling strong enough for another one!