Saturday, 6 October 2012

Not Right

I sit here, on pins, waiting for this first "Mummmmmyyyyyyy?" of what I think could be a very long night.  Both little gherkins are asleep but they are neither of them 'right'  I would not be surprised if Little Pickle is up puking all night and Cornichon has started going complaining about this, that and the other but nothing specific after 'lights out'.  Tonight's one was "I feel funny".  Little Pickle was sick this afternoon after drinking too much squash and also had a nap for half an hour at 5 which he never normally does unless he is ill.

I do so hate to see my little ones poorly but I am lucky that a night of not being 'right' is the worst of my worries, knowing that there are so many parents out there who have much bigger worries on a daily basis to contend with.  Poor little April Jones's parents - what on earth are they going through tonight?  My heart breaks for them.  Sleep well little April.

When I hear the "Mummmmmmmmmyyyyy?" tonight I will be glad to go in and cuddle them better even more so if the first "Mummmmmmyyyyy?" comes at 0650 tomorrow.

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  1. I hate it when my kids are ill too....Love it when they are back to there happy.. energetic self xxx

    I have tagged you in my post - Getting to know you..please feel free to take part