Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Caffeine I loved you, but now I hate you

Wow.  After a 2-day long crushing hangover-type feeling, I worked out that it is due to caffeine withdrawal symptoms.  I felt so rough last night I could not bring myself to blog and went to bed, sleeping through until 0550 this morning.  This is phenomenal in the Gherkin Jar!  Littlest Gherkin (Cornichon) has never slept through the night, until the night before last when he went right through until yesterday morning without a whimper (yay!) causing me to shun the caffeine for the first time in weeks and which brought on a cracking eye-ache all day yesterday which got worse by bed-time and carried on through the night and was with me when I woke this morning!  I felt like I had a hangover which was somewhat unfair as I had not even had a glass of wine!  I have been on decaff for about 6 years now and I love it but recently Cornichon's sleeping has been so bad I had to get my caffeinated friend back out and although it has only been 2 maybe 3 cups of (OK strong) coffee a day I can't believe I had withdrawals on my first day without any!  What an evil witch she is.  Give me her calming sister, Decaff any day!

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