Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter eggs in the Gherkin Jar

Not being at all religious, I was undecided as to what to do for the boys today.  Sure they can have chocolate eggs but I did not want to do the American thing of an egg-hunt with yet more chocolate eggs (they already each had 3 from various people) and Cornichon would not really be up to a hunt anyway.  

I decided on a visit from the Easter Bird (as prompted my Auntie M yesterday) only to find that I had no food colouring in the cupboard.  I thought I would use my noodle and go organic and try dying some uncooked eggs with beetroot chutney overnight.  THIS DOES NOT WORK.  There was a slight tinge to the shells but nobody would be able to tell.  I then found some green colouring and put it in the cooking water as I hard-boiled the eggs, only to find that the shells did not take on any of the green (apart from a bit one one of the whites that escaped and Pickle thought looked like a green poo!)  

Anyway, the bird came and went like a flash (as he always does) and the fact that the eggs were egg-coloured bothered nobody (apart from me) and Pickle and Cornichon found a lovely tea-towel nest with 5 hot eggs in it outside in a plant pot and thought it was great.  Pickle told me that they were the best eggs he had ever eaten and that he liked the Easter Bird and I was happy.  I have to day that I ate most of the eggs but they were still great.  Even though they were egg-coloured instead of green.   I do not like green eggs anyway.

We had lunch with Mr Gherkin's Mum and Dad and the boys stuffed more chocolate there.  I had trifle and a magnum and then chocolate pudding for tea.  Weightwatchers has gone out the window today but I cooked up a load of veggies that were festering on the fridge tonight so I could well get back on board the WW bus tomorrow.  I certainly need a boot up the backside on that front.

I have just realised that I have not introduced the tribe yet.  More on that tomorrow.

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