Sunday, 19 April 2009

A New Week

I started this weight-watching week with a spring in my step and am adamant that I will lose more than 1lb on Saturday.  Mr Gherkin and I went out for a curry last night and I must have had a bottle of  wine to myself but I still managed to only go 4 points over and have made up for that already today.  I  am virtuous and so full of vegetables I may turn into a tomato!  I have 12 lbs to go before I hit target (I have already lost 2st 2lbs!) and I would love to hit that before my brother's wedding in June.  I have not bought an outfit for it yet in the hope that I will be 10st again!  I  will do it.


  1. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Good luck with the weight watching. I've started to try and lose some myself, it isn't easy, you need plenty of self control.

  2. Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog occasionally and well done with the weight loss, giving up anything is really hard. Liz