Sunday, 4 April 2010

Family fun day

We don't really celebrate Easter here in the Gherkin Jar as we are not religious, (though I did give in to a chocolate egg hunt around the house which the boys LOVED (Little Pickle bellowed "I GOT ONE!" when he found one all by himself before Cornichon beat him to it!) however I felt I really should do something together as a family so we went to a car boot sale this morning. I had originally planned on going myself alone, with nobody else for a good rummage but Mr Gherkin said "I'll look after the boys, can we come too please? I'd like to have a look!" I really did not think that it would be his thing at all but I could hardly refuse him as he was so sweet. We all went to one about 5 mins down the road and it was lovely! I had time for a good look and they didn't moan and we all came home with something. We had a Scalextrix set for £6, hotwheels set for £3, 4 Transformers for £2, Power Ranger suit for £1.50, Weird Fish jumper for me for £1.50, book for Mr Gherkin for 10p and one for me for 50p. All in all a good shop (although I was thinking about my beautiful streamlined organised toy cupboard with 2 big boxes stuffed into it!

We spent hours playing with the Scalextrix which Cornichon loved but Little Pickle was a bit too young for it, although he had a good go but was a bit heavy-handed with the trigger! We spent the afternoon outside after Mr G cooked a beautiful linguine bolognaise for lunch. I managed to clear out the shed and there is now room to swing a cat in it! Woo hoo! It felt good to sort that as it is our dumping room as we don't have a garage so we really need to keep on top of things in the shed. And now we can! Pat on the back for a job well done! I also put together a little plastic greenhouse that I bought yesterday and it is fab! I can just see it full of little seedlings. Bring on the vag patch!

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  1. It's interesting how the common theme for a lot of people's blogs related to the Easter holidays is having a good clearout of one sort or another. We did the same - I wonder if it is the improving weather and extra daylight that makes us more active, or just the fact that it's the only 4-day weekend most people have in the year, which gives us enough time to do stuff.