Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shitty day in work

I had one of those days that you can't explain today. I was in work. I was very busy. I got called into a meeting (which sucked my ARSE and made be decide to leave my job) at 1430 and HAD to lave at 1600. The meeting finished at 1545 and I came back to find I had a MOUND of work left to do and attacked it and left at 1640 as I knew Mr G would be there for the boys and the in-laws and came home to my two smiley boys who were full of fun and fresh air and made me feel all the more emotional and in need of some cuddles and support which I got after asking for it and they made me feel good as did some wine after bed-time. I am hoping for the 4TH, yes 4TH never-been-seen-before-since-kids full night's sleep in a row.

Bring it on - so I can spend tomorrow emptying the work shit out of my head.

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