Friday, 19 March 2010

Cocktail Party

My husband and I have been invited to a "Cocktail Party" tomorrow night. I have only been to a couple in my 34 years but not for a long time and I am rather excited about this one! It is a 40th birthday house party for one of Mr Gherkin's old friends from his hometown who he has seen once in 16 years and has maintained contact with through Facebook. It just so happens that his friend is best friends with a girl in my office - it could be a fab night! I have not had a grown up party in so long, I went out and bought some false nails and lashes! Woo hoo! This is quite possibly the girliest thing I have done in years! I am wearing a dress and everything! Goodness knows how tomorrow is going to go though - the in-laws are coming down in the morning to look after the boys, Mr G and I are going out to watch the rugby in a local pub/RFC depending on weather, coming home after the match and then going to the party in town for 8pm soberish. I don't want to make a twat of myself to the hostess and potential new circle of friends! Update tomorrow of sober, Sunday if not so.

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