Sunday, 28 March 2010

Growing a colony

I am expanding the gherkin family and getting a wormery! I am so excited! I bought the hardware yesterday and have to send off for the worms in the post tomorrow and they will arrive all wriggly in a packet - I can't wait for it to come! I have had a compost bin before but never in this house as we have not had the room for it. Now we have opened up a channel down the side of the house and I planned to get a compost bin for the corner there. I went to a bin sale yesterday in Ikea and was going to spend £20 on a compost bin but they had bins for £5 and wormeries for £20 so I pushed the boat out and bought an extension to the gherkin family too! I set the wormery up with the boys today and explained how they work and Cornichon seemed fascinated with worm poo!

Can't wait until the little darlings arrive!

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