Thursday, 11 March 2010

Earning my parenting badge

I love being a Mummy and enjoy every day of it and think it is the best job in the world and my two are a breeze to be fair, however last night was one of those nights when Mr Gherkin and I really earned our parenting stripes!

I was messing about on the laptop late last night trying to decide what time is the VERY LATEST I should stop messing and go to bed when at 1130 Little Pickle cried out and I went up to him. He had a cuddle and went back in the cot but would not settle so I picked him up and he vomited all over me. Poor little sweetie! Tea did not look so good second time around! I shouted for Mr G to help whilst I cleaned myself up and congratulated myself on containing all the fall-out and not getting any on the carpet and only minimal washing! I did not put the washing machine on as I did not think I had seen the last of vomiticious clothing for the night. How right I was! I got back to Mr G and Little P snoozing and clean, only for Little P to then puke all over Mr G. Mr G does not have the strongest stomach but managed well and had a shower whilst I looked after poor Little P and then Cornichon woke up and puked all over Mr G fresh from the shower, then puked over me and the landing wall and the bath.

It is safe to say that between us, Mr G and I were up for most of the night attending to poor little vomiting gherkins, cleaning afore-said vomit, showering, changing pyjamas, bedding, washing afore-said, splattered things, snoozing next-to clean sleeping gherkins, waiting for the next session.

I shall expect a badge in the post tomorrow.

That said, the two little gherkins are asleep and almost asleep and free of the vomit for now and have brightened considerably after a quiet day in PJs watching TV. I hope we can have a normal night tonight!


  1. Here's my attempt at a virtual parenting badge [P]. There really is nothing worse than vomit - it even beats poo hands down. Hope you have a quiet one tonight.

  2. My little one had a pukey bug late last year and it was like having someone tip a lukewarm bucket all down my back. Who would have thought such a tiny little person could hold that much vomit?? Thank God for wipe-down wooden flooring!!