Monday, 1 March 2010

A new month, new goals

Just had a quick squiz at February's goals and I have to say I have achieved a fair few!

Here :

1. Meet a neighbour - DONE-the lovely Wendy and Rob and their lovely kids
2. Have a day shopping all on my own, just me = roll over to March I think!
3. Clear out one lot of cupboards - DONE - Cornichon's cupboards and drawers and Little Pickle's drawers are all sorted.
4. Start running - bad knee has hampered efforts. All fit now so no excuses!
5. Sign up for 5k - will be done tomorrow night
6. Finish Cornichon's quilt - DONE and started on one for Mr Gherkin

I suppose I could have done better but I won't beat myself up over it. There's always March...

Goals for March

1. Sign up for 5k and start training plan.
2. Finish Mr Gherkin's quilt.
3. Have a day shopping ALONE and BY MYSELF.
4. Get back on the WW wagon and lose 2 lbs.
5. Clear out a cupboard space again
6. Shop around and change energy providers

Not very interesting but a focus at least.

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