Monday, 15 March 2010

Not-so-Happy Mother's Day

Hmmmm, well yesterday was a bit of a disaster. I slept in Little Pickle's room as Mr Gherkin was throwing up all of Saturday night, then took Cornichon to a birthday party in soft play (fine as BPs go but not the kind of place you want to spend Mother's Day) then I came home, had a sandwich and spent the afternoon throwing it up! Mmmmmmm.

Illness - be gone from this house!

I think we are OK now - we all had a good night's sleep and today was positively awesome, but I how we all all well now! Mr G had a good day in work (unusual), I did some errands this morning whilst out walking with Little Pickle then bumped into a mummy friend and had a cuppa before picking Cornichon up. We did another errand after lunch and then went down the local playing field with 2 footballs and took a load of photos of the blue blue sky. Let's see how they come out tomorrow. Lp is awake. boo.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog - you made my day :o) Hope you are all better in the gherkin jar, Lucy xox