Saturday, 6 March 2010


"Everything in moderation" is a good theory to live by. Mr Gherkin's favourite Auntie had a massive heart attack yesterday and is in hospital in a drug-induced coma. She is 75, slim, eats like a bird, does not exercise, and smokes 40 fags a day. We knew this day would come. She must have known it would come. We did not want it to happen but it did. We are on pins waiting for Mr G's Mum to phone with news but so far no news which I suppose is good. What can you hope for someone who smokes 40 a day and has done for most of her life? I hope she comes through this I really do.

Conversation over tea (of smily stars and fish-fingers and peas. I NEVER "cook" this kind of crap but Mr G was feeling naughty and had his way with the menu tonight)
Cornichon : (picking up smily star) What's this?
Me : It's just mashed potato made into a star shape with a face on it.
Cornichon : Is it healthy?
Me : No
Cornichon : Can I eat it?
Me : Yes of course Sweet Pea!
Cornichon : Will it do bad things to me?
I have never drilled the whole good v bad food into him or really talked about one food being better than another, we just eat healthy food, mainly cooked from scratch and occasionally have a treat. Of course I told him he would be fine if he ate them but just not every day. He (and Little Pickle) loved the smily stars but I won't be buying them again for a loooong time as they are so addictive for me too!

Conversation after tea
Cornichon : What's for afters?
Me : Blueberries (guilt for badbadbad first course)
Cornichon : No, I don't want fruit, (makes face) I want something else.
Me : How about blueberries with yoghurt and meringue on the top?
Cornichon : Ooooh yeeeeesssss!


Moderation. A good vibe to dance through life with. I will be thinking about this and sending good vibes to Auntie M,


  1. Thanks for stopping by :) I do hope your Auntie in law gets well soon. Dessert sounds good!

    We're a small, private (only 7 of us) patchwork and quilting group and we meet once a month on a Sunday in Radyr. We're not a general crafty group, just P&Q - I think there are knitters that meet in Chapter, although I've not been and there is an official Quilters Guild group that meets in Cardiff too.

    (mail me if you want more details schouse379 AT

  2. Ooooh - might try the group in Chapter then! Thanks for the pointer!

    Gherks x