Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back to normal today

Ahem. As you may have already realised, I went out on Friday night. I drank wine. I was a bit pissed. I forgot that I posted on here until mid-Saturday morning when I checked my facebook profile only to realise that I had posted there whilst slightly the worse for wear.

Gherkin has decided that corect spellin is shit an that she nose it all

Uuuuuggggh! I am a spelling pedant! I then had a vague recollection that I may have typed elsewhere and struggled to hit any of the right keys and got frustrated and fed up. A-ha. Checked out the blog and cringed again. Eeeeeeew wine is bad when mixed with fresh air! The reason for the intoxication was a bingo night in Cornichon's school and I invited Wendy along with me. We had a few wines and then won a bottle on the pub quiz. I thought I was tidy when we were there but the walk home must have woozled me. Had a fab time though!

I have managed to cross another goal off my list - my bathroom cupboards have been sorted! Hopefully they will be toddler-proofed tomorrow too! Woo hoo!

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