Friday, 19 February 2010

I love working part-time

It gives me the chance to spend time with my parents.
It means the 3 of us can sleep over mid-week without rushing to be anywhere.
It means we can go to cool places like Mumbles Pier just because it is a cool place and it is there.
It means we can meet Mr Gherkin for lunch just because he happens to be out and about and sneaking a sneaky Friday afternoon long lunch.
It means I can reminisce about times I used to wander around holiday camp arcades hanging round the 2p drop slot machines in hope of finding some freebies in the drop trays. I was brilliant at this! I am trying NOT to encourage my sons to gamble at their young ages. But it is still a fun thing to do!
Bouncing on the bed pretending to be a motorbike can take AAAAAAAAAAGES!

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