Monday, 15 February 2010

So quiet

It is so quiet here n the Gherkin Jar! Little 'uns are still in Granny and Bampa's and will be home at 4 tomorrow. I managed to do a big clear-out of Cornichon's cupboards and took a pile of 18-24mth clothes down from the loft for Little Pickle, put up a load of 6-9mth and 9-12 mth and 12-18mth things and sorted Cornichons' 2-3yr stuff out and put it together for later in the year when Little Pickle will be catching him up! My boys are getting so big! I emptied the airing cupboard of the ironing last night only to do a load today and have more new stuff for tomorrow to be washed and fill the cupboard again. It is never ending! At least I can feel a bit smug for 1 day when I have an empty airing cupboard. :)

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