Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ooops I did it again.

I was just about to compose a new post last night when Cornichon yelled out for me at 1230am. It was the start of a looooong night which ended with me being rescued by Mr Gherkin at 0745 and having a solo lie-in until 0930. It did not feel like a lie-in it felt like the start of the night. I was OK today though. Well maybe I was not the best parent all day. We had the TV on all morning and then when I actually wanted to watch the rugby at 2pm the boys had had enough of it and started playing up (cabin fever was high). We went out to Asda after the rugby (woo hoo!) and had crapola tea there but they were good as gold even though they were afraid of the dark. Cornichon was moaning when we were getting back in the car and it was dark which kicked off Little Pickle and I told Cornichon to show Little Pickle how there was nothing to be afraid of so he did "There's nothing to be afraid of, it's only dark!" and they were both fine! Little Pickle then repeated "No Fray" all the way home! How sweet! Mr G was in town watching the rugby so I did nNight Night alone and they were fab. They both jumped out of the bath together into one towel and we allsnuggled up in Cornichon's bed for a story. It was beaut.

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