Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crowded House

A crowded house is a happy house. We all spent the day in my Mum and Dad's as it was Mum's birthday. My bro and his wife and my sis came down too and we had a reet good day. Mum was in her element with all her "chicks" back at the nest and B and I cooked roast lamb dinner which was awesome (if I say so myself!). She loved her presents (pussy willow tree, 2 DVDs and some handmade cards from us and a coat from Dad) and loved the fact that she did not have to do any cooking! It was so lovely to see the boys playing with everyone, beating my bro G up with baloons and messing about on the lawn with a football. Dad joined in with a roomful of Bat the Balloon which was lovely to see too. We dropped the boys off in Mr Gherkin's parents house for tonight and tomorrow night and came home to our quiet house. I don't like it here when it is quiet but I am sure I will enjoy a quiet night's sleep! 'Night!

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