Saturday, 20 February 2010

Today I felt good. I cleaned the inside of my car - vacuum and everything! No more feeling disgusted when I get into my car and ashamed when Jon is rightfully sarcastic about the filth he has to dig out before he can get into the front seat. The boys helped to a certain extent but I had to finish off alone. I did all those things that have annoyed me like tidying the restrain belts on the car seats, cleaning the coffee I spilt in there about a month ago, taking out the books that have been there and not read for as long as I have had the car! I fell like I need to put an air freshener in it ( I HATE air fresheners) that has that 'new car' smell. I can't wait to drive it tomorrow!

I also had a couple of hours alone and managed to clean the porch, dust the front of the house, weed and de-leaf under the kitchen window, took the dead heads from the nasty ornamental grass at the front, washed the wellies, decided to make more of the room outside under the porch and decided to plant some flowers there. Little project here I come!

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