Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Still got it

Ahhhhh I am sitting on the sofa, boys asleep upstairs, Mr Gherkin in London with work and I am tapping away, listening to/watching a George Michael concert from 2008. This is pure pleasure! He was my first crush from about 1984 when I discovered pop music and had a cut-out picture and article from the News of the World on my bedroom wall as my first poster (my bedroom walls saw MANY, many posters in the years after). He looked totally LUSH in the picture and looking at the gig tonight, he is still pretty lush (to coin a phrase of my teenage years). He sounds fab too! I really need to get me a ticket to one of his gigs really! I think I'll put his album on my shuffle for the next run. Oh my goodness he has just launched into my favourite song - Feeling Good! Crappin ell it's Roooooxanne now! This guy is working through my favourite song Top 10! We were meant to be together! Oh to have the opportunity to straighten him out!

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