Monday, 8 February 2010

Words of wisdom

I always take time to have a chat with the boys over tea and we always have a Best Part of your Day and Worst Part of your Day conversation and they fill me in on the good and the bad things that are important to them. This is a lovely precious time for me as it always makes me smile about the thing they find important. Today Little Pickle's best bit was "kick ball" with Bampa Anya and the worst bit was "hleep [cue snoring sound]"! How cute is that? He is 21 months old! Cornichon's best bit was when Granny and Grampa arrived this morning and the worst bit was not going to school but stopping playing with them. Cuteness!

On Saturday we had Sausage and mash with Broccoli peas and gravy and we were taking about thevegetables we like. I said I liked broccoli and peas and Cornichon said he liked potatoes and Little Pickle said his favourite vegetable was "hossage". I could just eat him up!

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