Saturday, 30 January 2010

101 List

I am a follower of the whatshappeningatmyhouse blog and she has done something called a 101 List which is just a list of things she intends to do, some time, no time limit. I like the idea of this and have plenty of things I would like to do but never get round to remembering or accomplishing. I plan to use this post as a record of those things I think about doing but always forget about. The list is not in any kind of order. I will update it as and when I think of stuff or achieve stuff. I thank whatshappeningatmyhouse for the idea and may have been inspired by some of the things she suggests only because they are truly great ideas!

1. Set up a new account on folksy and sell stuff on it
2. Learn how to use my ice-cream maker. (Feb 10. Binned Mar 10)
3. Run a 5k event.
4. Run a 10K event.
5. Own an allotment.
6. Go out in a wig.
7. Have an overnight stay in a posh hotel.
8. Drink champagne away from home with my darling husband.
9. Have a family weekend away without help.
10. Have a girly weekend with my best bud.
11. Make friends with a neighbour. (Feb 10)
12. Have a professional hair colour.
13. Go running 3 times a week.
14. Hit 10 stone.
15. Go to New York for a grown-up holiday.
16. Clear out bathroom cupboards. (Feb 10)
17. Make a quilt for myself which is beautiful.
18. Go out with my brother and his wife.
19. Go to the theatre.
20. Buy a good coat.
21. Go to a car boot sale.
22. Have a Swiss massage.
23. Re-gold my wedding ring.
24. Look after my hands for a month and have a manicure.
25. Look after my feet for 2 months and have a pedicure.
26. Do sit-ups every day for a month.
27. Use body moisturiser every day for 2 weeks.
28. Have a 3 day detox on just fruit and vegetables.
29. Have eyebrows professionally shaped.
30. Have a facial.
31. Sign up for beauty testers and enjoy the pleasure.
32. Establish a weekly house cleaning routine and get boys involved.
33. Climb the Garth.
34. Ride a bike.
35. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt.
36. Go away for New Years Eve.
37. Visit 25 places for Family Fun Days.
38. Watch 52 films.)2/52
39. Sign up for an evening course.
40. Complete 30 items from Biddying To Make List.
41. Set up account for selling books on Amazon.
42. Do monthly clear out for charity shops on 15th of the month. Done Feb
43. Do monthly paperwork/organisation on 1st of the month. Done Feb
44. Sign up for weekly class with Little Pickle.
45. Make coffee friends with 3 Mums in Nursery. (1/3)
46. Get Cornichon involved with a weekly class.
47. Phone a friend on Sundays.
48. Re-start Thursday lunches with Mummy friends.
49. Get an eye test.
50. Get the boys involved with the dentist.
51. Read 25 books.(1/25)
52. Get new curtains and poles in the lounge.
53. Get monthly subscription to Sew Hip.
54. Organise monthly nights out with sister.
55. Get 50,0000 grains at (2000)
56. Start Christmas cards before December.
57. Decorate Cornichon's room.
58. Decorate Little Pickle's room.
59. De-register for Find The Duck Books
60. Re-organise Cornichons' cupboards.
61. Update all downloaded pictures.
62. Fix up kitchen notice board to replace post box.
63. Read the instruction book for my camera.
64. Arrange a shopping day for me, just me.
65. Make the porch look pretty.
66. Have the car valeted. (Done Feb by me)
67. Tidy the shed.
68. Go to France.
69. Re-connect with Uruguay.
70. Go to bed before 10pm for a 1 week.


  1. Hiya - thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the linky in your post. So pleased I've inspired you! Great list, too. Now I've found you, I'll be back again to visit. Best of luck with your 101 - Caroline x

  2. I love the idea of this - think I will have a go at making my own list soon xx Great blog xx