Monday, 4 January 2010

End of a Tree-ra

Tonight was the last night spent in the lounge with our lovely tree by the fireplace blinking on and off and sparkling the room. It has been up since Nov 30th just after we came home from Tenerife in need of some cheer.

I loved putting it up and have let the boys come and go moving the ornaments around as they please. I believe family Christmas trees should be made up by the whole family and go out of my way NOT to have a theme or colour.

Our tree has a little bit of everything and everyone. We have some china decs from Mr Gherkin's late Gran,

some funky fruit decs that I love just because they are NOT Christmassy,

some felt ones I made last January,

many moved around by the boys and many gaps caused by such moving. There are NO chocolate ones left - the boys (and I to a lesser extent) saw to that. There are Baby's first decs foreach of the boys. I need to get the boys working on some for next year's tree as I would love our tree, of say 2025, to have some history to it and some things that would make the boys cringe!

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