Saturday, 9 January 2010

Give in and join 'em

Today I finally accepted that I might have enough grey hairs to warrant a buying some hair dye. I have never been a girl who spends ANY money on her hair (about 4 cuts a year and then all the sameish style, bog standard shampoo and conditioner and about 3 pots of curl creme a year). I have a stand-offish relationship with my hair - I leave it do what it wants and we don't argue. It has been chestnut brown all my life (I did put cheap temp orange streaks in it when I was 17 but they only lasted a day or so) with a few natural highights from Tenerife 2 months ago and until now I have only seen about 6 grey hairs. Pretty good don't you think? I now catch myself looking for grey hairs and have found more than 2 on a few occasions and decided that I need to sort this out and stop myself from searching for old age! I have taken some baaaad photos of myself recently and noticed how haggard I am looking. The sleep situation still has not improved with the boys and it is showing in the mirror. This is not good. I am not a pretty woman but I just look grotesque now (OK so taking pics of myself is never going to be flattering) and I am in need of a boost. Hair is now all 120 Dark brown (although for a moment under the tap I did think I would be indigo) and I am off to bed at 1100 for a treat. I will book a haircut for Feb (when we are not skint). By that time I will have lost loads of weight and be looking fab and deserving of my facial (Christmas present from Mr Gherkin). Did I tell you I lost 5lbs this week? Woo hoo!

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