Monday, 18 January 2010

Where I am right now

I missed a blog and picture yesterday due to the fact that the littlest Pickle was poorly last night and came downstairs at about 9 and I went up with him and was beaten up until 4am when Mr G came to rescue me and give me hours sleep. I had every intention of coming in here to blog and take a pic but Little Pickle had other ideas. He is teething right now and has a cold and yesterday developed conjunctivitus. Grampa took him to the doc;s today and he gave him drops for his eyes but said he just has a virus which is affecting his throat and cough. I guess this is good but it still amkes it hard to not be able to do anything for him but make him cry when I put drops in his eyes. The trials of parenting!

Tonight I took a picture of "my desk" here at home. I say "my desk" as it is one of the desks that we have in the study which is used principally by Mr Gherkin as he works from home about 3 days a week. He also runs the computer network here and is really good at it so I have very little input or real interest therein. As a result the study is "decorated" in his simplistic minimalist style and the half of the huge desk that my laptop stand and keyboard occupies is sparse and stark. there is nothing personal within sight - anywhere in the room actually! I am sure I would have personalised it a whole lot more should I use the room more often (to be fair I mainly use the lap top on the top of my lap downstairs whilst Mr G watches TV so I don't really need to bedeck the desk with boughs of holly or anything so frivolous. It is still stark and non-girly here. A bit sad really. Pics to download soon.

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