Saturday, 2 January 2010

Rare Night Out

Woo hoo! We managed to get a night out without the boys! We went to see Sherlock Holmes in the cinema, which was OK I guess. I snoozed for while ten started to enjoy it. A guy film - full of swashbuckling and fighting but I guess it was OK. I was not in the mood for that kind of film but I warmed to it none the less. We then went to a lovely pub a car ride from home for a meal which turned into a meal and a few wines and me leaving the car there and getting a taxi home and having to do many typing corrections in this entry. Mr Gherkin and I had good talks about our future and the future of our family and made some pretty big decisions. I will elaborate further some time soon and when I am soberer than this! Today was a good day to remember we are a driving force and are not just sucked into the normal daily routine (that we love!). It was good to be Gherkin and Mr Gherkin and not Mummy and Daddy. Feels good.

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