Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lovely family day

After last night's late night panic blog post only to realise that I could not type from my phone- (need an app!) I am here today after a lovely relaxing family fun day when we all went bowling and then had pizza. Everyone enjoyed themselves enormously, even Cornichon was not too downhearted that he had not regained his winners trophy and Mr Gherkin did not crow that he had usurped the former champion. (I think he wished he had let one of the boys win really!)

I did remarkably well at the all you can eat buffet in the pizza restaurant. I did not even look at the pizza hotplate and just had 0pt salad and then piles of fruit for afters. I was so proud of myself! I put on 1.5lbs on Thursday and am STILL smarting about it! I will be rid of it this week, oh yes I will! Oh shit I just remembered I am supposed to b in a works night out on Thursday! Arrrrrgh!

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