Sunday, 10 January 2010

Perfect Sunday at home

Today was lovely, just lovely. Mr Gherkin let me have a lie in until 9 and then he had one til 11. I decided to do a Sunday roast as I have never done one in this house! How awful is that? I took the meat out last night (how organised?!) and planned when it should go into the oven this morning and then planned the roasties and veg and gravy and it was all ready for 2.15! Mr G and cornichon went to Asda to do some shopping whilst Little Pickle slept. We all pottered in the kitchen, Mr G cooking tomorrow's tea, me with lunch, Cornichon with Power Rangers in hand and Little Pickle helping Mr Gherkin. I decided bloody Marys would be a great idea and then we opened and finished a bottle of wine with lunch. It was so perfect and relaxed and everyone was together doing their own thing. Lunch was relaxed with everyone around the table, doing plenty of "Cheers!"-ing and roaring with laughter. Even though both boys are not 100% (LP has a cold and C has a cough at night) it was so perfect. We finished off lunch with a session of Best Part of my Day, Worst Part of my Day and a dancing session in the lounge along with the Beatles of course! My sister arrived during this mosh session and stayed to play and catch up until teatime. Little Pickle has started to call her Bee! (Auntie Bee to give her full title) but it was the first time he called it to her face. She was super chuffed.

Best Part of my Day - being together with my family before, during and after lunch
Worst Part of my Day - thinking about going to and getting to work if it snows again tonight.

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