Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow again

We are in the middle of another heavy snow storm. And I love it. I went to work this morning but took the afternoon off as Mr G and his parents wanted to go to a funeral and I did not want my Mum and Dad to come out here with the risk of snow (goodness knows, Dad's driving is bad enough in good conditions let alone a blizzrd!). Anyhoo I came home at 1215 no problems, no more snow then, Mr G went to the funeral and came back with the start of the snowstorm but was fine and home by 4. Apparently my colleague left work at 4.15 but did not get home until 8.00! How nuts! He lives about 8 miles from me! Good choice to have a half day holiday! Took some bad pics of the snow. Will upload soon.

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