Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I bloomin hate taxes!

I hate this time of year when I have to file a tax return for a platry amount. I really wish I had not started selling Usborne Books for this one main reason. There is so much hassle involved in filing a tax return for such a paltry sum. I mean I turned over £136 last year and made about £32 and yet I still have to pay tax on this! What the f*ck? I am so stressed I have eaten most of a chocolate orange just thinking about this pathetic exercise. I got half way through filing the return and it asked me about under paying tax in 2008-9. Have I? I don't bloody know! How much? Don't know? When? Don't know. Can I call them up to ask what it is all about? Bloody no- they are closed until 8am tomorrow. Bloody slackers. I am very fecked off and have to go downstairs now to pin my beautiful quilt binding for my beautiful boy. That should de-stress me. Well it better bloody had.

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